Episode #40 - Tech Talk - Friday, April 6, 2018 - Blackberry Sues Snapchat, Facebook Tracking You, SmartCloud Pillow, Apples Folding ipad, Huawei P20 and more...

by: Adam

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Hamilton Limo 15 years celebration. – Happy Birthday to our sponsor!

Hamilton Limo story that has some amazing technology with the Suburban.  This past Monday while one of the drivers was cleaning the vehicle getting ready for its next ride he left the door open. While he was wiping down the side door the limo was hijacked and stolen around 4:30 p.m. Immediately Hamilton Limo owner Marcus, called On Star and the police, where they were able to track the exact location of the vehicle. Without high pursuit, they were able to see where it was at all times. When it came to an off-ramp and the police were waiting. The ability of the vehicle and the police were able to kill the engine and lock the doors keeping the perpetrator inside. A big warm round of applause to our First Responders and further the ability to comprehend someone with the technology we have. Hamilton Limo through On-Star by 4:30 pm – 10 pm (Evening) The vehicle was cleaned, and back on the road after 11 p.m.

Huawei P20- The Chinese restricted in the USA cell phone, but still available in Canada ups the Galaxy S9 with one feature three cameras. Cell phones are turning into razor blades. With more cameras becoming the selling teacher. But the clarity and capability of what I can do is amazing. In addition. They also launched the ability on their phones to have fingerprint scanning anywhere on the screen. This was rumored to come out with some of the updates in Samsung and possibly Apple but it appears the China manufacturer beat everyone to the punch.


There is a new Fork on the market, that actually is a bit clunky but does one thing we all get annoyed by. Removes the sound of you slurping when you eat. Couple noodle created a fork that actually will drown the sound of you slurping noodles or soup. Now you can be lazy and rude and your device will remove all your loud noises at the dinner table.


Ever wonder if smartphones are actually heating up the planet? There’s a lot of research going into smartphones right now considering that there’s over a billion on the planet.  What’s also interesting is what are cell phones doing to Global Climate Change specifically with carbon emissions. We have a carbon tax on our fuel but when you think about it there are more cell phones, servers that generate more carbon emissions then all the cars combined. Keep in mind the emissions won’t be caused by the actual product itself but from the production of them. If you factor in manufacturing, energy for mining the material and all the rare elements. Not to mention the constant plans and upgrade every year for us to upgrade. Maybe were taxing the wrong thing? When you think about it all the data centers that are required to operate to keep all of them working And keep in mind as well only 1% of smartphones are being recycled.

Remember when Amazon had the fire smartphone. They couldn’t even give it away at $50 a phone. It was running off an Android operating system. That was a few years ago, and all the sudden Amazon has grown in such a way with Alexa that we can expect to see a new smartphone coming to market. It will integrate its voice system along with all the features you expect in a smartphone. Samsung may have its biggest competitor yet.


Apple’s folding iPhone has been officially announced and we can expect to see it within the next year. Probably launched before 2020 This could be a game-changer where we usually see Samsung coming to market first. This might be something we see from Apple.


We talked about a lot of smart products and I believe we mentioned a smart pillow in the past. However, the SmartCloud pillow is an upgrade As this smart pillow comes with an intelligent alarm system, asleep surveillance system, and of course memory foam. An intelligent alarm that gives you a soft sound wake you at that perfect moment. The Suites are balanced will leave with your smartphone to monitor your sleep at all times nothing says wake up with a little whisper in your ear.


Facebook is in the news a lot and including Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey and a few others dropping their Facebook accounts. Here is something for you to consider, Facebook has been tracking you even if you don’t have an account. When people had uploaded their contacts it actually was sending information regardless if you had a Facebook account or not into its system. You might want to change browsers if you want to get rid of that tracking problem. Firefox, the creators Modzilla alternative to Google Chrome now has an extension that will prevent Facebook ever from tracking you.


Blackberry is making money and primarily through the courtrooms. Snapchat just got sued for the similar features of which Facebook got sued with. These features all relate similarly to the messenger that comes with BlackBerry. And now it’s time for everyone to pay their share for the patent features.  Snapchat or snap infringes on six patents primarily with their latest update of math Improvement for mobile devices, the user interface, and the mobile advertising technique.


With all the hype of Facebook, they just launched a new feature that you can now check and see if the news you are sharing is fake. There will be a little I above most stories and when you click it will advise it this story has been marked as fake news.


Dog owners are going to love this new device it’s called Paw Wash. A polycarbonate tube with a squeegee that’s intended to easily clean your dog’s Paws. Just stick your paw inside this tube squeeze and your puppy’s Paws will be super clean no more rags and towels to wipe your puppies feet