Episode #41 - Tech Talk - Friday, April 13, 2018 - Facial Recognition Found Criminals, Removal of Signature for Credit Cards, How Much Does an Uber Driver Make Anyways, Amazon Prime Wardrobe,

by: Adam

If you missed last weeks topics on Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show on AM900 CHML:

A suspect was caught in China at a music concert after being detected by facial recognition technology. China announced that they were taking thousands of photographs and using facial recognition. It was managed at a beer festival to capture 25 fugitives who tried to enter. China will be upgrading with Google Goggles, with facial recognition systems that will instantly allow police officers to see through a holographic image a database of people’s criminal records instantly.


Today marks history. All major credit cards, American Express, Visa, Mastercard have officially removed the signature. Yes, if you can believe it we are still asked to sign the back of the card. This will now be the end and we can feel comfortable knowing that our security has been now locked to a chip, a four-digit PIN and possibly a fingerprint.


If you’re thinking about becoming a Lyft or an Uber driver You may ask yourself how much does it pay? Technically you’re self-employed, you have to use your own vehicle, ensure your own vehicle and are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is clean and welcoming. Some interesting numbers work out to nationally $18 an hour or Lyft drivers and about $21 an hour for Uber drivers. Factor in the cost of gas, Insurance, wear and tear and handling other expenses the average net earnings range between $3.28 to $8 an hour.


Amazon is going to be opening up Prime wardrobe to more customers. It was announced that the beta testing will soon go live. How it works? Pick your three products up to 8 and ship yourself the items to test and see if they fit and if you like it. Each box comes with a free shipping label return that you can put all the items you don’t want back within 7 days and you don’t get charged.


Remember the Apple home pod? How awesome it is and how many people are using it. I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere, walking into someone’s home or their office. If you haven’t seen it you’re not the first one. Apparently, Apple’s Homepod has completely bombed. There is a surplus of a product and you can expect to see it liquidated fairly soon. Probably one of the first Apple products that hasn’t been successful. Currently, 4% of the market is Apple Airpods, 14% is Android and 72% is Amazon Alexa.


Get ready Apple has announced its TV show series will be coming out with its live streaming program in the coming year. Apple has invested over 1 billion dollars in unique programming and we can expect to see shows by Jennifer Aniston, and many other Hollywood stars. Part of it series will include Battlestar Galactica, a reboot of Amazing Stories, I’ve Hunger Games Catching Fire style drama and a unique drama and network Morning Show starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.


Uber has just acquired a bike share company called Jump. We mentioned earlier there was going to be an Uber version of bicycles coming to the market we officially have the name and we can expect to see it possibly coming to Hamilton and other Canadian City Markets.


Remember when you read that sticker from that manufacture that said if you remove the sticker avoids all warranty. I’m officially telling you it’s illegal for them to say that. In fact, even if your product is repaired by someone else. Apparently, you are entitled to send it back to the manufacturer as long as the repair individual is licensed. The FTC warrants companies that do not honor this could be up to get a very large fine.


Uber is going to be adding car rental, bikes, buses and trains with a mobile app. Yes, you will be able to rent easily all these items. I’m still fuzzy on how you’re going to rent a train but I guess anything is possible in the near future.


Who doesn’t love the new iPhone? And what happens when it gets stale and we’ve all been saturated with here’s something until next year? We make it red. Yes, once again the iPhone has launched with a red glass protector that you can wirelessly charge. There’s nothing more I can tell you other than it’s red. Most of us put a protective case over it so I’m a little confused why this is a big deal.


MIT  just came out with a new device that can actually hear the words you say in your head. It is a wearable headset. Think it and the device reads your neurons in your mind and actually will produce what is going through your process. This is a milestone for the future for those who are unable to properly speak or could be in a vegetative state.


Qualcomm, the famous microchip in most smartphones is launching an inductive charging road that would pave the way for electric vehicles. As an electric vehicle would drive in this Lane it would create an electronic charge that would juice the car’s battery. We can probably expect to see this more in the future, but this sample road test is being launched in the USA and we can expect further electric vehicles to make the charging experience a lot easier.


We talked about hearing aids being smart before. I knew upgrade now will offer a few more features. As an example when you can put your hearing aids on in the morning the lights in the bathroom turn on, the coffee maker starts Brewing. When someone rings the doorbell the Chimes stream straight into her heat into the ear. It’s called Oticon hearing aids and these are new products that are working with the augmented hearing environment. These hearing aids will also link up with your Fitbit and Apple watch. Another amazing hearing aid is from Bose which can augment your sense of hearing by letting you control what you hear think of it as a noise canceling but would be controlled by your voice. Samsung Harman came out with a hearing aid that allows you to zero in on noisy environments and focus on the person speaking to you. there are a lot of features coming up.