Episode #42 Tech Talk - Friday, April 20, 2018- Portable Peanut Allergy Sensor Device, New iPhone Cracker, Samsung Galaxy J2, Grillbot, Learn to Code with an App and More...

by: Adam

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Back when we went to school a peanut butter jelly sandwich was a standard and staple. Possibly followed with some peanuts. Today, peanut allergies are a massive problem along with other food allergies. A new company by the name of Nima has now shipped its first product. A portable device with a sensor that can determine whether or not your meal contains gluten. It also has a sensor that can determine if a product has peanuts and milk.


It was only a year ago that police were hiring an Israeli company for almost a million dollars to crack an iPhone in a case. Today the US Police can now buy an iPhone cracker. This device can actually crack up to two iPhones at the same time. It’s called GrayKey. The first option is $15,000 and the other is $30,000 the $30,000 can unlock as many iPhones as you want. For $15,000 it allows you up to 300 devices.


Here’s a thought. Imagine buying a smartphone that can’t connect to the internet. The new Galaxy J2 is a phone that comes with everything you need to keep a young individual in tune with the latest apps. You can update it by plugging it into your computer. It’s similar to what the iPod was prior to the iPhone.

Korean Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) Can’t Connect To The Internet

Getting your health check-up may be as simple as going into a pod and having it give you a full diagnostic. Currently, you can go to a local drug store and do your blood pressure. But imagine if you could walk into a booth and instantly get your weight, blood pressure, pulse, your temperature, and oxygen saturation in your blood. Getting a check-up could be as simple as doing this. Sharp from Japan is now marketing a health check-up booth that you’ll probably be able to get at a local mall or any local retail medical location.


Remember when Netflix used to show you recommendations based on what you clicked. They’ve updated the algorithm now, so it measures what you watch, how long you watched and makes recommendations based on this. So if you are a Netflix, space, science fiction binge watcher, expect to see a lot of those recommendations.


Google is turning navigation similar to the way you would get directions from a farmer. Instead of telling you to turn left on this street. It’s going to start telling you to turn left at local landmarks. As an example turn left at the KFC in 200m. Google understands that people recognize landmarks while driving versus trying to understand street names and getting distracted to keep looking down at their navigation.


Roomba came out with a vacuum cleaner that rolls around,  a lawnmower that cuts your grass and a pool cleaner. Now there is Grillbot available. Just turn it on and close the lid of your barbecue and watch it cleaned the grill. Leave it on prior to cooking or put it on right after you’re done.


Amazon has finally announced how many users are using Prime. The number is over 100 million users that are subscribing to the hundred dollar fee a year giving them the ability to get free shipping and have access to some of their services including Amazon TV, Amazon Music and access to a few features through Alexa.


If you haven’t heard about Facebook being in the Limelight for its security issues, here’s something you should also know. Facebook used to let people use their login and password to sign into third-party websites. If you do this it’s time to change and update. It’s been proven there’s a security hole with the algorithm that lets you use Facebook to login to websites. Try to go through all those websites you have as the information is easily accessible and can be scraped by that third-party provider.


Terms of Service are those 360 pages of details that we all miss and ignore when we scroll to the bottom to say “I Agree”. There is now an open-source service called TOS, Terms of Service that you can add to your browser so when you do sign up for a website or agree to terms with a cloud-based service it actually will go through the terms of service and give it a grade score. Highlighting to you specifically what you may want to pay attention. As an example, you are giving access to your cookies and details of what websites you visit outside of this cloud-based service would be noted as a  Grade A warning. This is to help those better sift through the terms people are agreeing to.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read: a browser add-on that warns you about the terrible fine-print you’re about to “agree” to

If you’ve been thinking about coding. You can probably go to school and take a course, or try to learn online, but if you are sure it’s something you want but not sure it’s something you can do, Google is launching an app called “Grasshopper”. A game that allows adults to play and see if they can take a further interest in the coding world. It’s not intended to give you a full understanding of programming, but a game that gives you that highlight at the end of the day for a few hours to determine if it’s something you want to spend a lot of money investing in and any additional time.


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