Episode #43 - Friday, April 27, 2018 - 3 Worst Smartphones, Fingerprint Scanner When Your Dead, Amazon Onesie Mop For Your Baby, Concussion Reader and more...

by: Adam

If you missed last weeks topics of discussion with Adam Oldfield on AM 900 CHML Tech Talk here they are:

Amazon is selling a baby mop onesie so you can dress your child and have it crawl around the floor cleaning at the same time. What a great use of your child. You can never start too early when it comes to cleaning.


Concussions are a serious issue. They happen regularly in minor sports and major sports everywhere. There is now a product called “Right Eye’s Portable Eye-Tracking” and what this does is a test and reads whether or not you may have a concussion. This is done easily with a map in less than 5 minutes. The device connects to your phone read your retinal and can actually determine if you have a serious issue or not.


In the media this past week there was a bit of controversy over Florida police officers using a dead person’s finger to try and unlock the phone. The controversy is whether or not you have rights after you pass away. What’s interesting is the fingerprint didn’t work. The main reason is fingerprint technology on our phones these days still requires an electric connection between your fingerprint and the device. When you pass away your fingerprint exist but unfortunately current doesn’t fill in the gaps between.


We talked about Amazon delivery. However, they’re going one step further. If you don’t feel comfortable with them having access to your house, they will now deliver directly to the trunk of your vehicle. Yes, all packages now can easily be stored in your car.


The U.S. is embracing unlimited mobile data plans to a level where Wi-Fi general-use is dropping. Making sense is unlimited using the high-speed internet is much more advantageous than possibly using Wi-Fi. It’s also more secure. AT&T, Verizon has been offering unlimited high-speed data plans and continue to do so not to mention the band with the 5G coming out in the next 5 years will be much faster than any cabled wired connection.


These are the top three flop smartphones ever made. If you can believe 20 years ago the smartphone was developed and there had been some doozies. Some that you can look back and say, ‘Wow, I wish I could never remember that!” These are the top three phones that never should have been made.

1 Amazon Fire Phone     2. Galaxy Note 7     3. Blackberry Storm


A pilot from Waverly Labs has officially released Bluetooth earbuds that you can plug into your ear and will instantly translate the language for you. This is on the shelf available and you can purchase them today. You are capable in some instances with Google Translate to turn the audio on so when someone speaks it will convert the language. But now, you can easily put these buds in and walk in another country with the most accurate…$249 of the buds available online on waverylabs.com


Apple continues with its challenges but if you’ve got a 13 inch MacBook Pro within the last three years they are offering battery replacements as part of their service. Something that most MacBook users will want to ensure they get fixed.


Apple has a new robot called Daisy. In support of Earth Day, Daisy is a robot that can easily take apart iPhones to recover valuable materials inside. There is a robot called Liam, that was used in 2016 that has been enhanced to be able to do more disabling and management of old iPhones that need to be properly recycled.


LG has a new phone coming out called, G7 ThinQ, similar to Samsung with a button on the side that you can hold and immediately prompt Bixby. It now offers the ability to call on Google Assistant.


If you haven’t heard about Facebook being in the Limelight for its security issues, here’s something you should also know. Facebook used to let people use their login and password to sign into third-party websites. If you do this it’s time to change an update. It’s been proven there’s a security hole with the algorithm that lets you use Facebook to login to websites. Try to go through all those websites you have as the information is easily accessible and can be scraped by that third-party provider.