Episode #45 - Friday, May 11, 2018 Tech Talk - Airplane Eco-Seat, Smart Window for Blind Passengers, Telsa Model S Crash, Phone Emergency Tests and more...

by: Adam
If you missed last weeks topics on AM900 CHML here is what you missed with Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show!

Building a better airplane seat: London-based design firm PearsonLloyd is looking to give the dreaded economy chair a reboot with the goal of making planes more fuel-efficient and giving passengers some relief. The Eco Seat has a carbon fiber composite shell and a curved spine, which reduces the chair’s weight, creates additional free space for passengers and is more ergonomically friendly than standard airplane seats. It’s also made of recycled aircraft aluminum and wool, adding to its environmental benefits.


The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S. The car crashed and caught fire in Florida on Tuesday, killing two teens and injuring a third. The probe will focus on the vehicle’s battery — not the semi-autonomous Autopilot system, which is at the heart of a separate “spat” between Tesla and the NTSB. Several recent incidents have raised concerns about the safety of autonomous tech, although Ohio Governor John Kasich yesterday cleared the way for testing on the state’s public roads. • Share your thoughts: #TeslaFloridaCrash.


Canada phones are all getting emergency tests this week if you haven’t got one you should receive it fairly soon in both French and English. In case of an emergency, they announced that we will now get a national warning message that will advise us of whatever the catastrophe could be. In our local area. This could be a flood, hurricane or other serious issues.


iPhone x is a gorgeous phone but the battery itself may not last through the day. There is now a new 3600 milliamp iPhone X battery case that is also Wireless. What makes it unique though is the fact that it will charge both the iPhone and the battery case when it’s plugged in.


Ford just announced a smart window for blind passengers. No longer is the limit of anyone would visible disabilities when they can now have a window that will transcribe and tell them what the visual image is. It will actually create a braille message describing trees, Forest, River, buildings with the option of it giving an audio description all tied into the Apple Operation.


As 5G is rolling out, the car manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon of what this technology can do. Ford BMW GM and Toyota are all racing with the idea of how 5G will be creating a more safer environment. The vehicles will be built with a Wi-Fi technology no one as dedicated short-range communication, dsrc that allows the cars to connect to traffic lights to allow for a smooth congestion and warnings of accidents in poor weather conditions. This technology will speak to the other cars around it as well in the case of the vehicle is in distress.


Your next medical appointment could actually be due to the fact your phone is almost out of battery. People actually have medical issues where your heart will palpitate and your blood pressure will rise if you notice your phone is less than a certain percent and it’s causing a major issue. Anxiety is a major concern and you’re not the only one. It is a psychological mental state that you will go through if you find your phone isn’t at its battery capacity. Sending you into turmoil.


As part of Google’s announcement, Gmail got a new update which will now schedule appointments on its own using the artificial intelligence but Gmail has now the ability to not only give you quick answers but it will now try to finish your sentences for you. As an example, if it’s Friday it will finish the sentence or email with.. “Have a great weekend!”


Samsung is in the news again with another exploding device. However, it’s not a smart device but another washing machine. 3 million washing machines were recalled as several were exploding. This is still in the news as appliances and electronics these days with a lot of the components we are using are technically ticking time bombs.


Remember when you used to have to sign into a browser to pay your bills? Microsoft now has a feature in an upgrade that will allow you to pay your bills directly from within the email itself. Microsoft is dedicated to working with that software platforms to make it easier for everyone to utilize and God forbid if you had to leave the software in anytime.


Apple has a massive and serious problem and there doesn’t seem to be a cure. It’s a state of ability issue in the iOS apparently if any of these devices receive a text message with a black. In the iMessage program which is exclusive to Apple, it will spin your iPhone or iPad and even Mac computer into the rainbow of Hell. The only way to get out of it is to sign in through another Apple device and delete the text message with the black. It’s not yet been fixed and if you do get a black. Emoji don’t open it if you have an Apple device.


As we know there is going to be a lot more streaming services. Roku has been one of the growing features in a lot of smart televisions being sold today. Apple is now about to jump on this bandwagon in a bigger process by selling subscriptions to streaming services through its TV app. you can now order directly through your Apple subscription membership a one time fee to allow you to get to certain providers including HBO, Netflix and it just sets the stage for where apples going with their own programming in the future.

  • Google announces that it’s Kino some pretty cool updates.
  • Photos that will automatically turn black and white into color and pretty accurate to it.


The new Google Maps comes with the augmented reality that will now show locations and businesses popping out of the camera with the sign of the business and a little fox will show you where to go and how to follow it.


The new operating system P we’ll have a few cool features including a better battery utilization and a feature that will show you how much time you’re actually spending on different apps telling you the amount of efficiency you’re using at any given time.