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Episode 51 – Tech Talk – Friday, June 22, 2018 Self Driving Boat, Smart Phone Key, Hotel Alexa, Smart Yoga Pants and more…

Listen to Adam Oldfield on 900 CHML every Friday at 11:35 am on the Bill Kelly Show for the latest and greatest on TECH! Here is what you may have missed last week. Here were our topics of discussion:

A standardized digital car key is coming pretty soon. Meaning your iPhone and Android will easily be able to synchronize exclusively to your car. Think of it as a PayPass Smartphone. The name of it is called the Car Connectivity Consortium CCC. This allows all cars to follow the same boat specs that by 2019 there could be a version standard for all vehicles in how to open and start your car.

We talked about a lot of self-driving cars and even trucks. There was even a discussion at one point about autonomous airplanes. Well, Volvo has finally come out with the self-docking technology that can park your yacht or a simple boat for that matter. Self-driving boats are coming as much are autonomous vehicles. It only makes sense that they would be self-parking.

YouTube premium is now available and you can get 3 months absolutely free and then after that $11.99 per month. You can get a family membership and save some money. If you’re tired of wasting those 15 seconds to 30 seconds before you have to skip, you can now easily remove it for $12 a month. Some other features include YouTube music premium allowing you music ad-free offline to listen or watch as you need, background play that lets you listen to YouTube in the background while you’re working on other apps and downloading, similar to Netflix you can easily make it work if you don’t have any data.

Get ready for it Amazon wants a hand and every delivery that is purchased. As they on veal another option for FedEx in ups and private mail to get you your package. Making Partnerships with property management facilities where there could be a Dropbox available for shipping purposes to get packages available. It’s a remote Hub Amazon is testing that they would connect and allow for shipping companies to easier access for dropping off packages.

Uber is testing cheaper fares for people who wish to wait. Uber continues to offer innovative ways for people to consider using its service if you want a cheaper rate you can wait a little longer to get a discount. This comes in handy for those that are in a rush or willing to pay a premium price another option is uber pool carpooling where users are able to walk a little bit further to get a cheaper fare.

If you noticed using Google Maps Uber was missing as an option. Google claims that has nothing to do with what the bug was. However ironically Google’s parent company alphabet owns quite a share percentage in the lift. Which still has access that you can book easily through Google Maps. Google Maps will still offer the ability to give you an option of how to get to your destination using a third-party and you can now click the Uber button to open the app but it is no longer as convenient as it used to be.

Amazon Alexa is coming to hotel rooms. You might still be visiting a hotel room that has a power charger clock that still works with an old iPhone from 2010. However, many hotels are upgrading to include Alexa to allow you to turn on the TV and even power the room appliances.

Google home has a flaw that’s getting an upgrade. Recently this week it was announced that Google has a flaw that allows hackers the ability to always know your location. You’re always listening Google will sometimes use third-party websites that are not secure. Giving hackers the chance to overhear your conversations. Google is working on this upgraded patch and should be done fairly soon.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out those perfect poses of yoga. There is now a pair of pants that will bring you so much closer to Enlightenment or at least show you how you’re not even getting the benefit of what yoga can do. A $300 pair of Bluetooth enabled yoga pants can help you achieve the perfect Chi.

There’s a global epidemic of sexual violence against women and now with this problem. Two Indian women have won the $1000000 women’s safety XPrize challenge. This challenge was to develop a device that can inconspicuously trigger an emergency alert if a woman is in danger and transmit the information to a network all within 90 seconds and will cost under $40. The winner receives the product called Safer Pro that fits in any device or jewelry. It uses biosensors that can detect danger through the persons’ sweat and stress levels. It will send the location to the users’ Guardians it has set up and records the audio.

The new Samsung Galaxy full screen folding smartphone is estimated to cost $2,000 get ready for this amazing technology apparently to Launch next year.

We use voice activation for pretty much everything like Google Home and Alexa and our smartphones. Well, Firefox has launched a new web browser called Scope, that is 100% voice-controlled. Giving the ability for those with disabilities or people like me who just don’t want to type anything the opportunity to search online using your voice.

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