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Episode #52 – Friday, July 6, 2018 – Tech Talk – Robots as Stuntmen, Mobility Mouse, Facebook Emotion Detector, Amazon Prime Day, Giving Permissions for Apps Can Lead to Shared Info

Remember the days when we used to have a stuntman? Disney has now been testing flying robots to perform as stunt doubles. They are claiming that we can expect to see more robotic aerobatic entertaining in the future, live at Disney to be used in the movies and also for the live theme park.

Instagram will now tell you when you’re caught up so you know when to stop scrolling. There is nothing worse than thinking did I see that image already? Well, Instagram got a lot smarter. I just wonder if it’s gotten that bad that we scrolled every day, all the time that we now need a software to tell us you’ve reached this photo. Please stop and come back tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe those with mobility challenges to move a mouse is not an easy task. Glassouse is a wearable device that fits over your head and you can move the mouse cursor easily with your mouth.  Move your head to navigate the cursor around and just bite on the blue mouthpiece to click by twice to double-click. It works with both desktop and mobile devices.

Don’t you hate when someone asks are you sad? Well now if you take a selfie in Facebook they just patented an emotion detecting selfie filter. Nothing says your private life is completely removed then giving Facebook the ability to detect your emotion.

The big news today is Google apparently has been giving access to third-party developers to access account data. It’s always been rumor Google was giving this information away as part of your free package. However, they claim they’re not reading any of your emails. What they’re not telling you is third-party developers that asked permissions to your email and camera are able to actually use this information for marketing purposes of their own degree. Keep a reminder of the apps you load on your Gmail as you could be giving third-party data users information about your life as Google does collect quite a bit.

Amazon Prime day! This will be the biggest day on July 16th and it’s going to be huge. 36 hours, six more than last year they claim is bigger than Black Friday and Boxing Day combined and the deals are amazing! Of course, if you’re trying to ship to the U.S. get ready for some new tariffs and extra taxes.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and smarter. In fact, so smart it’s actually going to need a therapist.  Experts are claiming that it’s not too early to start planning for machines that could develop an obsessive or depressive tendency. Even the current generation relatively basic machine learning algorithms display behavior similar to human issues. Reward hacking can lead artificial intelligence towards a compulsive behavior. Consider cleaning a robot that’s been programmed to receive a reward every time. Instead of keeping an area spotless it might be inclined to repeatedly create a mess so it can reap the reward every time it does clean up. Artificial intelligence can learn bad behavior as well from others. As it listens to Twitter followers and other feeds of information it could actually create a problem. Robots could display signs of depression based on the fact its learning rate is too low and it can’t adapt quickly enough. So get ready for your benefit plan to cover your artificial intelligence robot.

There have been rumors of Apple coming up with a folding phone and Samsung coming with a folding phone but the one that’s coming out we believe with a unique and very cool feature is the LG. Recently released patent of an interesting twisting phone. LG was able to create a foldable large screen and it wouldn’t surprise to see them first to the market with an Android folding smartphone.

If you love cameras you’re going to want this new unit coming to the market running on Android it’s called “Light”. The camera comes with nine cameras. It’s almost as bad as having shaving razor blades. The nine cameras take different depth perception’s and give the quality of a photo like no other.

If you’re enjoying Netflix get ready for another increase. Netflix is testing currently in Australia and England a new “Ultra” subscription tier. The price works out to about $22 a month which gives for users 4K HD quality. Something we’re getting now for 14.99, however, the new pricing tier will give to users at that price and if you want to keep your for users you have to upgrade.

There was a conspiracy theory listening to everything. In reality, it wasn’t what they were hearing. It’s been proven that a few Facebook apps have been taking screenshots and sending it back to the developers. This includes short videos and screenshot videos. This information is used by the third-party developer in any way they wish. Again, when you give third party access to information you’d be surprised what it’s looking at and sharing back to its users. Remember that when it says it needs permission to your camera. This was tested on 17000 Popular Android apps, many owned by Facebook and 8,000 were sending information directly to Facebook. More than half of the apps have permission to access the user camera and microphone.


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