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Episode #53 – Friday, July 13, 2018 Tech Talk – VR for Phobias, Torontos Underground PATH, Incognito Safe?, Google Blur My Street, Road Signs Detect Distractive Driving

Heres last weeks topics in case you missed it! With Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show. Tune in to AM900 CHML every Friday morning at 11:35.

Virtual reality is about to become a little more therapeutic. In fact, it’s been now used as a therapy for people to overcome phobias. Specifically, heights! It’s being tested currently for people to use Virtual Reality to conquer their phobia of heights in many cases. Making them feel like they’re walking on a large bridge between two mountains or walking along the top of a building looking down.

We constantly remind people not to text and drive. Remember distracted driving comes with a lot of fines. But little did you know there is actually a feature built into every phone that you can opt into that will know when you’re moving in a vehicle and will turn off all the functions. One man in England is trying to sue both Apple and Google to make it compulsory that when the vehicle is moving that you have to opt out of making your phone on do not disturb. In addition, logging If there is an accident when it was turned off. Showing accountability.

Toronto has an underground called The PATH Walkway. Toronto’s PATH Walkway of underground tunnels now has a website. The best thing about Toronto is the CN tower when you’re walking on the streets gives you direction as to where you’re going. But what do you do when your Underground? can now get you around 30 km of shopping and entertainment very easily.

We talked about incognito mode if you wanted to protect your privacy while searching online with major browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Well, Incognito mode is not as private as you think. If you’ve ever paid attention to the wording that you accept when opening up incognito mode you may notice that if you’re using an office computer the information is still stored. Also, your search history is saved even though you think it’s not and if you use Incognito to bookmark anything it’s going to keep a history of where and what you look for. It’s not a hundred percent protected.

There’s an article a few years back in the city of Hamilton regarding how they are using Google Maps satellite to take a look at what people are doing in their backyard. In fact they can even look what they’re doing on their front yard as Google is regularly updating the street view. As such, government is easily capable of using satellites and street view to see what updates you may be doing to your home. Possibly to check if you had a permit or not. Well, there is now a feature that you may not know about where you can easily request for your home in satellite or street view to be blurred. Once you have it blurred you can’t change it but it could give you the Privacy you’re looking for. All you have to do is search on Google blur my street view home.

HTC is trying to find its uniqueness and its mobile phone that’s coming out and we’ll be hearing a lot about crypto-currency phones using blockchain to protect and give us the security we need when using mobile. The key about these phones is they help and make it faster when you want to make a purchase using cryptocurrency.

If any of us are using Google pay, you might not know this but it’s coming up in matching with Apple.  You can now pay your friends and can store concert and plane tickets. This is a new feature to Android as it has been with apple since it first launched but it no longer inhibits the ability to send money to your friends. Maybe the street person begging for change can now get some extra money.

The United Kingdom has a road sign that can detect and warn drivers that are using their mobile phones. Similar to when you’re driving too fast a flashing light tells you your speed and a slow down. This sign actually can monitor your Bluetooth connection and if it’s active and you’re not linked to your phone and car will warn you with a flashing advising you are distracted driving. Currently, it doesn’t take a photo or give you a ticket it’s only a visual warning. However, this is a sign of which could be similar to photo radar in the future.

I love my smart watch. In fact it is absolutely amazing. However, one of the biggest challenges is that it only last a day and a half two at most. A new watch called “Ticwatch Pro” can last up to a month but the best part is it has a dual screen. So when the battery starts to get low after 3 days it will go into a low resolution time mode that allows for heartbeat monitoring, steps taken and tells you the time. But you’ll have up to 30 days before you’ll need to charge your phone.

If your checking your blood sugars a new product called Abbott freestyle Libre is a handheld arm sensor that measures your glucose every minute. Whenever you need to double-check it you would swipe the reader over top of the little tablet that’s to the back of your arm and it will instantly read what your blood sugars are. No more poking, prodding and checking your blood sugar. It’s got a 10-day life and in Europe they allow up to 14 before you need to replace it.

Interesting fact I think it’s time we all need to do this in Hamilton I’m going to petition this to the mayor Eisenberger. In Bogata, Columbia they have band cars from the streets to boost exercise. Every Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. the streets of Bogota cyclist, Runners, rollerbladers of all ages take to the roads and the citizens rule the streets in the world’s biggest Mass Recreation events about 1.7 million people or a quarter of the City’s population use the program every week the whole idea is to get people out and being more active.

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