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Episode #54 – Friday, July 20, 2018 Tech Talk – Pay with Facial Recognition, Retinal Scans as Passports, Ultrasonic Galaxy S10, VR Slide and more…

Listen to Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk AM900 CHML every Friday at 11:35 am. Here are Adams exciting topics of discussion this week.

Amazon Prime day has been and gone and what’s interesting is how much they made in one single day, 4.2 billion dollars! Hard to believe that’s almost as much as Google got fined in one day.  The top items sold in each country were quite interesting. Even in Canada, Amazon had record-breaking sales with over 300,000 Crock-Pot products. If you have an Alexa on your smart device you can still order some amazing deals. All you have to do is tell Alexa Mulligan and it will start to give you all the most recent deals.

It’s official, the airport in Sydney is now letting its residents and citizens register their passport retinal scans and bio information so that they can easily walk through customs by simply using their face and fingerprints as their identity. No longer will it be required for you to be able to walk through an airport in a lot of border patrols. Sydney is the first roll it out officially. This makes sense considering if you’re traveling around the world for 22 hours, last thing you want to do is stand in line to get through customs.

Do you remember when you used to go to KFC and either paid with cash or credit card? Well that is going to be a thing of the past. KFC in China now lets you register your name, phone number and your smile. When your account is connected with KFC all you do is walk up and smile with your order and your payment will be made.

It’s official the Galaxy S10 will be coming over shortly and in it will be the ultrasonic fingerprint reader that will allow you to easily touch anywhere on the glass and your biometric information will instantly open the phone. No more looking for an area on the phone behind the camera or the button somewhere on the front. Just touch the glass and you will be in good shape.

Gorilla Glass which is the manufacturer for most Apple and Samsung phones is coming out with Gorilla 6. Why I felt this was relevant is that the new glass will be much more stronger, scratch-resistant and claims multiple (15) drops before it will crack or break. Even more so it comes with the ability with some features including colours, and the transparent effect. It will give you the feeling you’re looking through the phone.

As much as we love our smartphones not all of them are built to Perfection Here are the top 5 worst models ranked Buy model and by manufacturer


  1. Lenovo

  2. LG

  3. Motorola

  4. Xiaomi

  5. Samsung

Android Model

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7

  2. The Nokia 6

  3. Lenovo K-8 note

  4. Motorola Moto G

  5. Xiaomi Redmi 4

Uber’s coming up with a better way to flag down your driver. You can now text message directly within the app so it will read it to the driver when they’re on their way. You can also now flag your driver through the feature called “Spotlight”. What you do is hit a button and it sends a beacon to the driver emitting a colour that you could hold your phone up and it will match the driver phone.

How do you compete with Amazon, when you have Walmart. Simple. You open up your on Netflix streaming service. When you’re a billion dollar company it’s capable of being a competitor. Get ready as Walmart is about to offer video streaming services similar to Netflix for our convenience of entertaining pleasure.

Speaking of Netflix get ready for a redesign TV app that’s going to have a slide out navigation bar and give you all the features you’re looking for. This includes your favourite TV programming, movies and further more of that tracking that you’ve let Netflix see how long you watched, what you watched and let them know recommendations they can help bring some insight to the table.

Google. Find five billion dollars or six billion Canadian. Not a small amount of money for a 110b USD or $145Bn Cdn And Google is going to appeal it. The new laws of the European Union are starting to roll out after the big guys and Google being the most susceptible to being fined did get hit right away. The reason is similar to what Microsoft got find back in the 90s of pre-loading all of its software as the default browser on our computers is what Android app is getting slammed with. A monopoly of software that’s preloaded on all machines forcing all users to use it. As such, they got fined for breaking the European Union’s new law. The main issue is that Androids cost per phone will probably go up to compensate the fine, but more so the cost for anyone using the software will now have to purchase it versus having it pre-loaded as part of their open source package.

Nothing says water park then throwing on a virtual reality helmet and sliding down the tube. Can you believe we used to just put on her bathing suit and go down the slide? Now you can enhance that and bring that affect to a whole new level. VRSlide which opened in Germany claims the first virtual reality water slide giving you the theme of going into a environment that is space or underwater for driving in a car while you slip and slide down the tube.

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