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Episode #55 – Friday, July 26, 2018 – Samsung Note 9, Charge Up Phone Battery in Minutes, Unbreakable Glass for Phone Screens, Electric-powered ‘trackless train’ and more…

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Do you ever wonder what happens to your phone with a cracked screen and has no ability to work whatsoever? You assume everything is gone? Apparently not, as one young teenage girl learns who traded in her old iPhone with a cracked screen and was not functional in any way. It was refurbished and sold to the United Emirates and the information on it was shared back with this young lady of photos she had and access to her Facebook account. It’s important to understand you need to erase your information on your phone before you trade it in.

Scientists have discovered a new material that can charge your phone battery In minutes. Cambridge University has identified a group of materials that could speed up your phone fully charged in minutes niobium tungsten oxides allowed particles to move hundreds of times more quickly than they would through materials used in the battery of your phone.  This is cheap and simple. They are easily able synthesize and don’t require chemicals or salts this could revolutionize electric cars and buses.

Samsung continues to innovate as they’ve created an unbreakable glass. Last week we spoke about Gorilla Glass 6 and how it will be much more scratch-resistant and less breakable. However, Samsung in 2019 will be coming out with a flexible plastic window that is suitable for electronics that gives that flexibility and Unbreakable. Surviving 26 drops from 1.2 M or 4 ft continue to operate normally this will be a standard in most Samsung phones coming out in the future.

It was only a matter of time until we had a Google Assistant with a visual display. Lenovo finally came out with it and created the ability to visually see in addition to hearing Google answer your questions. I once again ask why would you need this when it’s on your phone?

Tommy Hilfiger has a new smart clothing line. What’s interesting about this new smart wear is it’s in line with what Levi’s was doing with Google and Microsoft. However, instead of telling you who’s on the phone and helping schedule an appointment, Tommy Hilfiger clothing line called Xplore will know when you’re wearing it and reward you accordingly. The line of clothing includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more if you wear the clothing and pair it with your Apple or Android it will allow users to compete in challenges to earn points. This includes wearing it out in public and visiting the Tommy Hilfiger daikons on the app map. The rewards include autographed merchandise and and gift cards for more Tommy Hilfiger products. This is pretty stupid for the smart wear environment.

The Note 9 is about to launch from Samsung. It’s been announced that if the Note 9 does not perform well they will cancel the entire line completely. What makes it worse is, they make the phone one of the most expensive on the market with an estimated price starting at $1600 CDN.  This is about $200 more than it cost the no date when it launched.

A hot new trend these days is Bio Urn. The ability to put your body inside an actual urn that can be put in the ground and grow into a tree. This products been around awhile and you can easily buy and utilize your body into fertilizer that a tree will grow out of it. If you’re looking for a unique way for your cremation or burial this could be it.

The worldwide Broadband speed has been announced out of 189 countries over 12 months are ranked the fastest and which ones are ranked the slowest. The top 3 fastest bandwidth countries include

3 – Denmark 43.99mps

2. – Sweden 46Mps

  1. Singapore 60.39Mps or 11min to download a 5Gmovie.

Canada – #33 @ 19.48mps up from 2017 from 18mps but down overall 7 spots
5Gig movie will take 35min to download.

USA – #20 @ 25.86mps up one spot.

The Barisieur – The perfect way to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and an alarm clock that is completely all built with Bluetooth and everything else you need. When the alarm goes off the science lab looking alarm clock instantly starts brewing a fresh cup of coffee right beside your bed. Heaven forbid if you ever got up and had to get your own coffee it is now available for only $700.

I think I fixed our LRT problems into ART!  ….As The world’s first electric-powered ‘trackless train’ has been launched in China. Using virtual rail lines on the streets of China, the new Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) system can travel up to speeds of 43 mph. The trains carry up to 300 passengers and the new system is a cheaper and greener alternative than building new train or tram tracks. 10 minutes of charging can propel the train for 15.5 miles and each train will have a life-span of around 25 years.


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