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Episode #56 – Friday, August 3, 2018 – Tech Talk – Quit Smoking with Fitsmoke, Trackless Trains, Speaksee, 3-D Printed Guns, Bloxvox for private voice dictate and more

If you missed Adam Oldfields show on 900 CHML here were today topics of discussion. Tune into AM900 CHML every Friday at 11:35 am!!!

The worldwide Broadband speed has been announced out of 189 countries over 12 months are ranked the fastest and which ones are ranked the slowest. The top 3 fastest bandwidth countries include

3 – Denmark 43.99mps

2. – Sweden 46Mps

  1. Singapore 60.39Mps or 11min to download a 5Gmovie.

Canada – #33 @ 19.48mps up from 2017 from 18mps but down overall 7 spots 5Gig movie will take 35min to download.USA – #20 @ 25.86mps up one spot.

I think I fixed our LRT problems into ART! ….As The world’s first electric-powered ‘trackless train’ has been launched in China. Using virtual rail lines on the streets of China, the new Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) system can travel up to speeds of 43 mph. The trains carry up to 300 passengers and the new system is a cheaper and greener alternative than building new train or tram tracks. 10 minutes of charging can propel the train for 15.5 miles and each train will have a life-span of around 25 years.

Netflix Canada has always been the envy of what a day on Netflix USA would have. All of that has changed as Netflix Canada has officially got almost as many amazing program options as the US. Currently, just over 5,000 in Canada, programs between movies and TV shows has 5700 TV shows and programs to pick from. Netflix Canada also has spent last year 3.3 billion dollars in scripted programming more than any privates operation. Unfortunately, Canada still doesn’t get the great long-term sitcoms including Frasier and Cheers which still remain only in the USA.

Instant messaging is going to become more mainstream and replacing text messaging. But which one do you use? Personally I use signal I like it for the sake of its full security and encryption. Another consideration is WhatsApp. Also claiming to be fully encrypted and to be the first to have group voice and video communication that is fully encrypted. My only comment to this, Facebook owns WhatsApp which is the most non protective environment ever.

Fitsmoke the smart cigarette pack that helps you quit smoking. If you’re looking for another way to quit smoking this might be a solution. The Fitsmoke holds 20 cigarettes. Sync it with your phone and when you’re feeling the itch or the stress is pushing you for it you reach for the emergency button and it will stick it out. It’s supposed to put you on a healthy slow process of dispensing your cigarettes. The app also helps you keep a tab on how much money you’re saving from all the smoking you’re not doing.

Self-driving cars have yet to be mainstream. However, self-driving slippers are the new mainstream. In Japan Nissan has patented a self-parking slipper that when you step out will automatically go to the original spot. Programmed to immediately move in a nice orderly fashion and part themselves accordingly. This is the same technology that they’ve been utilizing on chairs that will push themselves directly back into the table. This technology will probably be used on a lot of items in the future.

If you’re tired of Windows 10 updating right in the middle of trying to do something. The new software now reads when you’re using your computer and when you’re going for a coffee. It will try to time the updates when you’re not actively using the computer. The new algorithm has been set up in the new Windows 10 to allow it to update when you’re not needing it most.

I voice dictate a lot and when you’re sitting on a bus or in public it makes it awkward when you’re trying to dictate an email or make an article. However, there’s now a muzzle for the private quiet moment that you can muzzle your voice called, Bloxvox, it’s a privacy tool that allows you to strap it around your mouth so you look like Bane from Batman. It even allows you to connect to your existing headphones where it will tuck the microphone right inside the speaker box.

We’ve seen Google translate and many other translation devices and how its altered the communication when speaking to people with different languages. Google translate boasts that they can translate over a hundred languages and read over 37 languages from photos. A new product is now available called Speaksee. These microphones pick up the voice of the person speaking and translates it immediately to your phone. When you were spawned it will translate it back into the speakers to the person that’s clipped to their shirt. It allows for easy dialogue and communication to anyone that speaks different languages.

It’s been legislated in the USA. You can now download a 3D printed gun. The major issue is that it doesn’t have the ability to have a serial number nor is it going to be legal in Canada. Due to the law in the United States that citizens are allowed to bear arms it was one in court that someone can download their 3D schematics to print an actual single-shot handgun. Coming later this fall will be an AR-15 a rifle that can be printed from a 3D printer. The printer isn’t cheap and the material is also quite expensive. It’s made of the same material as Lego. And if you use any cheaper type of product it done will explode in your hand.

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