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Episode #57 – Friday, August 10, 2018 – Tech Talk – Predictive Texting, Huawei and Apple, Robotic Arm Moved by Thought, Banks Want Facebook Info and more

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Apple became the first trillion-dollar company and to give a perspective of what 1 trillion dollars is, I thought it would break it down into relative terms. If 1 million equal to 11.9 seconds, 1 billion would be 32 years. And 1 trillion would equal 32000 years to give a perspective of the difference between 1 million and a trillion.

The issue with predictive texting which Google has launched with Gmail and with a few other Google services, is that it’s still learning. One of the biggest flaws and I’ve encountered this with Android artificial intelligence response, is that when you put sit on, in the text it responds on my face. Be very careful when you’re texting until this bug is preferred or fixed. As it could be embarrassing and make sure you read your texts before you send depending on who it’s going to. Google is aware of the problem and is trying to resolve it quickly.

Huawei has finally surpassed apple as the second largest shipping vendor in the world next to Samsung. Ironically, Apple maybe a trillion-dollar company but it’s fallen third for the total amount of units it can ship. Which means that trillion-dollar value could be going up even more once it understands how to ship more product. That might be happening with the new release of their iPhones in the three models available.

Nothing more annoying than asking Alexa a question that doesn’t know the answer to. A new feature has been updated that now when it knows the answer will notify you. So when you ask a question, and Alexa responds I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to the question. You can now inform Alexa to tell you when you do. Say update me with an answer. When Alexa finds out the answer to the question that holds and memory it will notify you. A great reminder tool.

Just when you thought Facebook had enough information about you. They are about to seek more information with the banks in the world. Facebook claims the banks are asking to partner with Facebook on information sharing as messenger is integrated to allow payments. However, this information may or may not be safe to continue. If you’re concerned about Facebook’s data management this should really put a fear in your bonnet. In my opinion, Facebook is one of the most fearful data collecting environments. I use it for my agency but I would not want to use it on a personal level and everyone should be cautious with how they use it with the information that gives.

Apple just issued a new patent that I know we will never see a touch screen for an apple however will we may see is a touchscreen keyboard. The patent indicates the bottom of the keyboard would be a full glass display. Allowing for a keyboard or the touch bar that’s on a MacBook to be expanded. This would allow for users the fully integrate without having a physical keypad on the laptop.

Japan has come up with a new robotic arm that can be motioned easily with thought. Originally we had talked about coming up with artificial responses for thought now the ability to think and move a robotic arm has been accomplished and its relative pilot stage it gives the arm the ability to move forward back and squeeze to lift items. This could literally remove anyone with a motor limitation to allow the ability to have their arms back.

Your next cup of coffee from a barista could be coming from a robot. A new Cafe X has been set up that can serve three cups of coffee a minute and we’re talking to special tea latte, mochaccino, you name it, comes with your specialty needs and can be created within seconds. Cafe X is in the process of marketing and setting up locations across the United States making the coffee experience quick and simple. If you’re not a morning person and don’t want to smile and give your name this might be something for consideration. The coffee is also the 2/3 the price of Starbucks.

If you love movies there was a system in the US called MoviePass and recently it’s about to take a new strategic model as its losing a hundred and fifty million dollars a year. With 3 million subscribers that’s a lot of free losses to get to a popular status. The business model is adjusted where you used to get a movie a day without the 3D and IMAX now works with three movies a month. But it looks like the movie Industries about to get quite competitive. In Canada there was a limitation as well as MoviePass wasn’t working in most theatres. Sineplex – spelled with an S – is now available and a Canadian option that gives you for $14.99 a month up to three movies a month.

Not sure how long the pricing will last but basically:

$9.99/mth billed annually for 2 movie tickets

$10.99/mth billed monthly for 2 movie tickets

$14.99/mth billed annually for 3 movie tickets

$15.99/mth billed monthly for 3 movie tickets

There’s a Sinemia for Two plan that’s basically the double of the above meant for those that go to the theatre with someone, but at $1 less per price point so $18.99/mth billed annually for 2 x 2 movie tickets for example.

The worldwide Broadband speed has been announced out of 189 countries over 12 months are ranked the fastest and which ones are ranked the slowest. The top 3 fastest bandwidth countries include

3 – Denmark 43.99mps

2. – Sweden 46Mps

  1. Singapore 60.39Mps or 11min to download a 5Gmovie.

Canada – #33 @ 19.48mps up from 2017 from 18mps but down overall 7 spots
5Gig movie will take 35min to download.

USA – #20 @ 25.86mps up one spot.

I think I fixed our LRT problems into ART!  ….As The world’s first electric-powered ‘trackless train’ has been launched in China. Using virtual rail lines on the streets of China, the new Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) system can travel up to speeds of 43 mph. The trains carry up to 300 passengers and the new system is a cheaper and greener alternative than building new train or tram tracks. 10 minutes of charging can propel the train for 15.5 miles and each train will have a life-span of around 25 years.

Fitsmoke the smart cigarette pack that helps you quit smoking.  if you’re looking for another way to quit smoking this might be a solution the Fitsmoke holds 20 cigarettes. Sync it with your phone and when you’re feeling the itch or the stress is pushing you for it you reach for the emergency button and it will stick it out. It’s supposed to put you on a healthy slow process of dispensing your cigarettes. The app also helps you keep a tab on how much money you’re saving from all the smoking you’re not doing.

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