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Episode #59 – Tech Talk – Friday, August 17, 2018 – AI Tracks Cannabis Growth, Fight Tech Addiction with a Lock Box, Solar Laser to Scare Off Birds from Crops and more…

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Artificial Intelligence is now even taking over the type of cannabis you are growing. With all the news in the media about cannabis and those with medicinal cannabis needs there is now an artificial intelligence system that you can use to take a photo of your cannabis growth and we’ll tell you how healthy it is. Pretty soon you’ll be able to use artificial intelligence to give you a solution.

Farmers used to have to use a very bad Scarecrow in the hopes that it would scare away the birds from the crop. Of course in 2018 you can now order yourself a laser beam that runs off solar power and is silent to scare away the birds safely and securely. On top of that it is an absolute gorgeous show at 4 a.m. in the morning when the mist is over the crop and it looks like a nightclub above the Blueberry Field.

If you’re feeling lonely and live inside a very small apartment, ‘Fribo’ a robot, keeps an eye on what you’re doing and will share it with your friends that you give permission to. As an example, if you’re putting your laundry away it will send a note to your friends that are connected with it, letting them know what you’re doing. Nothing like being spied on and knowing it. I guess this allows you to connect with friends and let them know what you’re doing is if they’re sitting across from you or around the corner. Think of it as spying but with your full permission.

We seen smart sheets in the past and they’re getting a little upgrade. BedJet3 now gives you the opportunity to heat and cool your sheets using Alexa. Only a few years ago you had to program your sheets with your phone. Adjusting your temperature and getting it to the right level you’d like whether it’s hot or cool. Now all you have to do is voice your temperature needs and Alexa will adjust your sheets accordingly. Comes in handy when you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re cold.

Rising sea levels and the climate change could actually cause the internet along the coast to go down. So much so that it is claiming there will be over an extra foot of water in the next 5 years. That extra water is actually going to cause a lot of issues as the current wiring in fiber optics that run along the west coast and along the east coast will be damaged sending and knocking out internet for millions of people. If you didn’t care about climate change before and your dependent on the internet it might actually wake you up.

If you’re tired of telling your children to put away their smart devices regardless of a Smart Pad or a smart phone. There is now a lockbox that makes your child’s gadgets lock away and can only open at certain times. You can set parameters of when work is complete and submitted to unlock it. Giving the children an opportunity to be rewarded versus the right away to just happen. The Box cost is about $400 US it might be cheaper to just stick with discipline and listen to a few tears.

Smartphones are even allowing us to get cash. ATMs are going to allow your NFC, near field communication with your biometric confirmation the ability to withdraw cash from the bank. Which is great when it comes to convenience. However, rumor has it on the CIA list. Unfortunately, this Saturday in the United States and small banks will be hacked. Is convenience worth the hassle? We’ll see.

We complain about how slow internet is. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had no internet and it was allowed to turn on for one day. Cuba celebrated on Tuesday as the entire Island had internet for mobile users. A celebration that shows the country is slowly bringing in today’s technology. It was a test for one day to see how the market and the equipment could handle. Currently, it costs a business $40 a month for one gigabyte per month.

Maybe you don’t need to buy an entire smart device because smart plugs are available and getting smaller and smarter. About 2 years ago smart plugs came on the market and they were bulky taking up a lot of your Outlets face. Today they are small and make space for other outlets to be plugged in. It is a great cost-effective measurement to be able to set up your entire house at a fraction of the cost. Currently Smart plug runs Around $20 to $80 depending on how advanced it is. And seamlessly works with Alexa and Google.

This past week Apple celebrated 20 years of launching the iMac. Yes those blueberry, raspberry, and other flavors all came out this past week on August 15th celebrating 20 years of providing simplicity and setting the stage for a company that went from bankruptcy to over a trillion dollars value.

Facebook continues to make millions of dollars. In fact 300 million in the first year of helping not-for-profit and fundraisers. Over a year ago we announced Facebook was going to set up a program allowing to take donations for not-for-profit in charitable groups. Currently, over 750,000 nonprofits receive donations through Facebook. It’s interesting this news is coming out in the past week which I’m sure needs to be somewhat positive with all the negativity that’s been going around.

Facebook bought a seven person team and technology from a company called Vidpresso, that helps make video interactive for those using Facebook. Think of it as a game show that anyone could set up and have users and friends watch and interact. Anyone could be Alex Trebek and this is a program that was used quite frequently with major networks when doing tallies regarding political polls, highlights with celebrity shows and award shows. Facebook is trying to control the ecosystem of having everyone watch and be entertained within its Network.

Samsung announced its own box that allows to use Bixby to search, and control your smart devices. It’s a little too late with how Google and Apple and Alexa are controlling the boys box speaker system in the house. Samsung is determined to become a leader when I compete with the other competitors. However, Bixby continues to be one step above Apple when it comes to Voice Control.

The first 5G smartphones are coming to the market next year. Which means all the phones coming out this year are going to be seriously outdated in less than 2 years. Verizon, AT&T alone are including the ability next year to have 5G phones already working on their networks and major Metropolis areas. The difference between our current phones to a 5G even when the signal is only at one bar, will be three times faster than on the fastest network at full bars today. I highly encourage everyone not to buy the first generation 5G phones as I’m sure there was going to be a lot of complications with them.

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