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Episode #61 – Tech Talk – Cannabis Road Side Test Machine Giving False Positives, Apple AG Glasses, Body Suit for Perfect Measurements Online,

Adam Oldfield on AM 900 CHML at 11:35 am on the Bill Kelly Show. Here is todays line up of topics:

The new Drager DrugTest 5000 – Has been approved by Canada authorities to be used in regards to testing for cannabis use. However, this amazing device comes with a couple false positives. It’s been used in Australia, and in Europe but unfortunately like old technology it needs Improvement. It takes four minutes for the saliva test to be done, and another 10 minutes for the results to come in. According to Australia results the machine is giving almost two-thirds inaccurate. However, this could be cause to bring in people that are testing with this electronic into the station to get blood work. In Europe testing had 13% out of the people, it said had cannabis issues were false. Not to mention the product doesn’t work well above 5 degrees Celsius and we know it’s always warm in Northern Canada.  The cost is $6000 each and the printer is $1,200 to go with it.

Apple is clearly working on augmented reality glasses as they have just purchased Akonia Holographics a company.   Its more than 200 patents result in a technology that can create “thin, transparent smart glass lenses that display vibrant, full-colour, wide field-of-view images.”  As Apple 2015, Metaio that makes the software for the ARK its PrimeSense was purchased for 2013 that does the Kinect 3D depth sensor.,news-27927.html

Online shopping is about to get updated to a point you won’t get the wrong size ever again. Japan Zozo is using a body suit that will ship to the customer to wear and will take pictures with your cell phone of the body for the perfect measurements. You will always get the perfect size for your body. This will be the focus of the new online shopping of ensuring that you always get the right size.

Tesla known for the cars and for technology. The new Tesla charger is a sleek but slow wireless charger for your smartphone. Not as fast as the car!  You can get it in black or white, but it only comes with 6,000mAh of juice and 5W of output charging. (The wired charging method gets you 7.5W.)  in summary REALLY SLOW wireless. $65 will allow you to have a TESLA name with a slow charging option… it will take about 3-5 hours to charge an iPhone X.

Apple was known that It will stop offering services for repairs and support on anything older than 5 years. It appears Apple’s product is a great quality system and when you buy it tends to give you more than 7 years there’s many Apple products that are considered vintage that are still working today and Apple is Expanding Pilot Program Allowing Repairs of Select Vintage Macs Worldwide, Starting With 2012 MacBook Air! Normally, this would mean the 2012 MacBook Air is no longer eligible for hardware service, except where required by law. However, Apple has decided to include the notebook in its recently launched pilot program that allows for repairs to continue into the vintage period, subject to parts availability.

As we all love security and we’re using it to tap into our home security system what happens when the power goes out? This past week Nest security system was partially losing power all day giving a lot of homes open access and limitations. Until the power came back on and it was Rebooted. Most of the reports showBack systems were locked but to get them back online or to monitor them had to be done on site. It’s unclear why the system was on the glitch and non-functional Nest launch their security system last September and for $400 and a monthly fee the do-it-yourself crowd may want to look at a professional system still before we all do it ourselves. This isn’t the first time as they lost power in May experiencing connectivity issues.

Another food delivery startup called Foodsby, it’s just got a venture capital funding for 13 million dollars. The money will be used to expand the 25 new markets and will be looking to come across Canada soon. As the company only works with businesses and has restaurants makes deliveries rather than using its own Fleet of delivery agents. The operations are lower. It’s free to join the network as both company wants to provide services to its employees and the restaurant. Deliveries cost a dollar 99 per person. it was founded in 2012 and connects employees in office buildings with local restaurants. The hungry worker uses the system to preorder a meal from a restaurant in the network. The orders yet received sent to the restaurant and the restaurants make the deliveries all at once.

A contraception app, Natural Cycles was banned from Facebook for their advertising being misleading. This isn’t the first time that an advertisement has been pulled from Facebook, but it shows Facebook is getting aggressive with its misleading information from those advertising. Natural Cycles was a Swedish company that promoted its software and was able to use body temperature algorithmic for tracking the individual fertility and it was an effect of alternative to hormonal birth control. The unfortunate side is the information and they study behind it are false. The FDA would not approve its claim that anything other than absences would not approve a possibility of having pregnancy. I mean reason it was pulled is the target was young females on social media. Which could entice or mislead the information about its products and capabilities.

YouTube finally has competitor. Facebook Watch is now worldwide allowing us the joy of watching videos within the Facebook environment. Facebook announced in the US had over 50 million monthly viewers who watched a video within its system. The company continues to add more social features including the ability to participate in videos such as trivia and a few other game show platforms we talked about earlier. Unfortunately, I’ve all the countries that are involved and supported by this new system Canada was nowhere to be found. Currently, UK, US, Ireland and Australia are the only ones this month to have it launched.

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