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Episode #62 – Friday, September 7, 2018 – Most Expensive Smartwatch, Record Video Calls with Skype, Robot Butler, Your Rating with Uber and more..

Tag Heuer watch has now become the most expensive Smartwatch on the market. Valued at $180,000 US. The Smartwatch is made up of 500 diamonds and 18 karat gold. Ironically,  watches especially Android, don’t last that long. $180,000 charger watch every 8 hours I think it’s a little crazy.

If you’re a user of Skype, a new feature has just been added that now will record your video calls. Allowing you the ability to keep a copy of your recording for future reference. Unfortunately, it doesn’t break the video and audio up but for those that you Skype on a regular basis every one that’s on the call will get a notice for 30 days for the ability to download the video.

Facebook has finally had it with BlackBerry. Facebook was sued by Blackberry a few months back In regards to its messenger and how it operates being infringed. It appears Facebook has the rights on a few Blackberry features. Including  voice messaging Tech and on the improved ability to deliver graphics, video, audio and how does centralized GPS Data Tracking. It’s going to get heated in the courtroom.

Hotel Concierge is getting an upgrade. In Miami a hotel just upgraded with a robot that is regularly touring through the hotel to serve food and beverages as ordered and On Demand. The robot knows how to use the elevator and can easily access your room. When it arrives it will ring the bell and deliver your food and beverage directly to you making it convenient in all ways. The robot speaks multiple languages as well and during downtime the robot can roam around and can pass out treats including water, and hot towels as needed.

If you’re tired of all the NAFTA discussions about chapter 19 and Dairy Farmers not getting their fair share of the NAFTA agreement, there is now a new Facebook trending news tab. Trending news still appears in the menu but nothing is there. Apparently, it was going to be removed the trending news still exist but with nothing in it. It actually makes visiting Facebook enjoyable.

Remember when you wanted to always get a high-ranking in an Uber car while Uber is now testing to make sure that you don’t get too low of a rating or you may not be able to get in the car. Yes, with the new driver ranking system if you receive lower than 4.2 Uber will not let you allowed in their vehicles. They will ban you from the ability to actually use their service. So make sure as a customer you’re not a jerk.

Uber Eats, already one of the most popular food delivery apps, wants to elevate the game. As it works now, drivers pick up your food from a restaurant, put it in their car, drive with the goods, and then ring your doorbell with a bag full of dinner.

Google Chrome browser is turning 10. It’s finally managed to get to a decade and with it has come a new look and a new format. However, this new look and Leo may not be appealing to everyone and if you’re still concerned about security, Firefox just launched their new browser and as a default limits anyone from tracking and keeping cookies of your Trail as you visit online. It might be an option for consideration even though Chrome just turned 10.

A new program called Sonar Snoop attack can steal your smartphone unlock patterns. Working very similar to a sonar in submarines it sends a signal and collects the sound of how you move your finger along the phone. This app allows hackers the ability to know your unlock pattern, should they get your phone bill be able to access it.  This was developed from universities in Sweden and the UK. It was inspired from the 2008 Batman movie, the Dark Knight which was using the similar format in trying to track a code with a sonar app.

If your mobile phone is running very slow or always losing battery it might have been hacked to of mine cryptocurrency. Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself. Keep in mind that this isn’t strong enough for one phone but through downloaded software this malicious software works in conjunction with multiple phones. It ends up mining currency through several programs that are loaded down on Androids. It can work on Apple but not as likely. Here is some tips.

Goldman Sachs has pretty much written off Bitcoin and so has the value eurethium has also dropped more than 50% down to $225 Bitcoin has dropped down to 6500 but what about an option to continue with the cryptocurrency as it isn’t going away it just hasn’t found its footing. Banana coin is an option where you can buy cryptocurrency based on Malaysia exportation of bananas. The prices value based on the export of 1 kilogram of bananas. It’s kind of an environmental support and Financial stabilization of how to use a currency that supports the environment. Some other currencies that you need to be aware of that are not real. It’s like a crypto Zoo   The names of the coins are not appropriate to say….however one is TrumpCoin…and it’s going to be HUGE! (insert sarcasm here).

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