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Episode #63 – Friday, September 14, 2018 Google Inbox Removed, Groceries Delivered To Your Door, BMW’s Virtual Assistant, AI Robots Serve Drinks…

Listen to Adam Oldfield Fridays at 11:35 on AM 900 CHML. Heres this weeks line up of great TECH TALK topics:

Yanu – AI robot that will be serving you soon in most airports. With an attitude and personality is going to be replacing the bartender with the ability to make 100-150 drinks per hour and 2000 drinks in a single day.   An arm that will prepare and serve your drinks.

Grocery shopping is soon to be delivered to your front door from an autonomous vehicle.   Nuro will deliver your groceries and can carry 12 grocery bags. There is a $5.95 delivery fee and you can be notified. Kroger is supporting the project.  Enter your order online, confirm the order and the app will advise when it’s on it’s way. When arrived, you walk out and pick up your items after entering your code.

Instead of hey Google or hey Alexa now it’s hey BMW. BMW’s new virtual assistant is coming to the cars in 2019 with voice commands to interact with your vehicle. It’s like the assistant is living with you in the car asking the same questions as you would any other smart device, and can actually help you with locations with GPS and can even answer simple questions. You don’t need to give it relocated locations is it knows when you go to the gym. this is going to be the future. All the vehicles will be coming with their own voice activated systems. This could be either part of nuance and many others are looking to build it right into their computer systems including Mercedes and Audi.

Paper airplanes are getting a whole new facelift. You can now use as a piece of paper that shows you how to fold and connect this device that charges with a USB and gives you the ability to control your paper airplane from an app.

With all the news about the iPhone and the iWatch what’s interesting is we missed out on a lot of the key things that are no longer included with iPhone. I thought I would go through a list of things that are no longer relevant. It was announced that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone SE are no longer supported. Which means the tiny new phone is no longer going to be upgraded after next year. The new iPhones that are coming out no longer come with a dongle. I guess the thought is everyone is going to use their ear buds, or they can now purchase a dongle for $9. so if you haven’t paid enough after 1449 what’s another $9?

So the cheapest Apple watch is $539 Canadian, and the cheapest iPhone is $739. It’s hard to believe that when the first iPhone debuted it was only $499 of course you didn’t get half the features that are out there today  but when you look at the percentage of increase it’s amazing.

As Apple launches all their latest products. Google makes an announcements removing some of their most recent ones. If you have a Google Chromebook the offline Gmail is no longer going to be supported. if you use Google Inbox a comparison to Google Gmail it also will stop working as of March. I particularly used Google Inbox as it was capable of bundling my emails for my flights, my purchases, my financials. I’m actually extremely disappointed but I’ve been advised the Gmail will be incorporating these features within it.

Google is in the middle of a huge battle with Europe as there is a big debate of user should have the right to have their information scrub from the search engine in Europe. A current battle in the courts is challenging that someone should have the right of stripping any reference of their name through Google search if they haven’t given it explicit permission. This will be an ongoing case but as interesting to see what comes with it.

Samsung SmartThings tracker uses LTE-M to help you with your misplaced items. This is a phenomenal feature, instead of using Bluetooth to find your devices similar to tag. This will actually use a GPS tracker, so it never has any limit on where you could be losing your items. This uses a cellular network for real-time location tracking. You can use on pets, children or any other misplaced items. It works with other Samsung products like lights, thermostats and security cameras. You can use the tracker as a sensor for arrival so when you come home it triggers the lights to turn on when you pull in the driveway. The tracker is water resistant and the battery lasts up to a week on a single charge of course this is not for free. The tractor is $99 with your mobile provider and then $5 a month or $50 a year afterwards.

SinkTwice Is a revolutionary product that really makes perfect sense. It transforms your toilet tank lid into a sink. The fresh water that fills up is used that washes your hands and then fills the soapy water from washing your hand into the sink. saving two gallons of water per person per day. What’s great about it is, it replaces your existing toilet lid and made the last 15 years.

If your mobile phone is running very slow or always losing battery it might have been hacked to mine, cryptocurrency. Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself. Keep in mind that this isn’t strong enough for one phone but through downloaded software this malicious software works in conjunction with multiple phones. It ends up mining currency through several programs that are loaded down on Androids. It can work on Apple but not as likely. Here is some tips

  • Ensure your operating system and apps are updated to the latest version to ensure they remain secure.

  • Only install apps from official platforms (Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store).

  • Avoid installing applications from unknown sources.

  • Use the number of app downloads and user reviews to ensure any apps you download are the legitimate versions.

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