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Episode #64 – Friday, September 21, 2018 Two in One Car Seat/Stroller, Amazon Alexa For Your Microwave, Measure Luggage With New App and more…

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It’s hard to believe but today’s day and age of being a parent is a lot easier. A new product called “Doona” is available. It is both a car seat and stroller. Recently approved and used for young families looking to make the convenience and not carrying both stroller and carseat. When you pull up the car seat you pull a lever and it instantly deploys into a stroller.

The new naked home body scanner connects directly to a mirror. No more using measuring tapes or standing on a scale. It connects easily with an app and will circulate your body in a full 360 degree. Taking your full body measurements and when you feel like you’ve lost weight you’ll be able to see if you’ve decreased in your arms and your legs. It’s put together from naked

I knew Smart Lock will no longer require batteries. A rechargeable battery connected with solar panels will now allow you to keep your lock charged at all times. It’s from Hampton products and has a hidden keypad.

We know that Amazon Alexa is making some amazing speaking devices but, it also is coming up with a new Alexa powered microwave as it starts to compete with Samsung in the appliance industry. The microwave comes with a digital assistant but it’s more than just yelling at your microwave to reheat your leftovers. It can become the command centre of your home. You can ask the microwave the same questions you would ask any of your Alexa powered products. Including the weather, to play music and we can expect to see Alexa pretty soon and smoke and CO detectors, light switches and thermostats.

Kayak is a new luggage tool that will no longer make you guess if your bag is capable of being allowed on the flight. This app that you can download on your phone will now scan your luggage and will give you an augmented reality overview if it will be accepted to be big enough or oversized on your next flight. Just hold your phone up open the app and it will give a three-dimensional view of if your luggage will fit or not.

If you’ve ever been caught in a situation where an email says I’ve got footage of you doing something embarrassing give me $1,000. Who do you call? This is apparently going to be a concern and a growing one with respect to who do we call for help, the FBI or the local police? Both cases neither agency say they can help if the criminal isn’t asking for enough money. Sometimes crimes don’t even involve a hack. An email scheme which stands in boxes threatens to Blackmail victims netted $28,000 over 2 months from a cyber security company. In an emergency you’re supposed to call 911 but there’s not much your local police can do. For example, if someone accesses your Facebook account without your permission and they only uses it to look around that’s not enough to meet a threshold of a criminal investigation. It’s technically a misdemeanour but who gets prosecuted? In the United States the FBI recommend cyber crime victims call them first, not the police but who do we call in Canada? The RCMP, Csis or our local police? I think Canadians are limited on what they can do in regards to truly having justice in cyber crime.

Apple is deleting bought films from iTunes so don’t expect the discount. Apparently, laws change on both sides of the border and with apple about to open up its new streaming service on TV, it’s a question of do you own any of the product you purchased from Apple? Many customers are realizing in Canada that purchased movies that they are disappearing from their account. When challenged to Apple they offered 3 months of free movie rentals. Not even half the cost of the value.

Google is changing settings on Android phones with the newest update without anyone’s permission and the last week Google did a quick update that turned off all battery saving mode. Thousands, if not millions of Google devices were instantly turned on battery saving mode. Google even admitted that they did it in an accidental update. The point being Google has access to all of our phones and can make changes without our permission. This is not isolated to Android, Apple has announced and Steve Jobs confirmed it they all need access to their phones in the case of a hacking situation maybe be able to control it.

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