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Episode #73 Friday October 26, 2018 Dyson Air Wrap, Apples New Green Screen, Uber Goes Airbourne, Rubix Cube Solves Itself

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Dyson who is famous for its vacuum cleaners has come up with a $500 easy way for women to curl their hair. Acting like a vacuum cleaner it sucks in the hair and naturally curls it around so you don’t even need to touch your wet hair to give it that curl you’ve been seeking.

Microsoft made an announcement that 60,000 patents have now been released to open source. This is a massive milestone as Microsoft has never released or used its patents in an open-source environment. This will allow for further development in software and open up the ability to utilize within the Linux operating system. The one area open source will not be available is the desktop platform which makes sense as that is proprietary to Windows.

Apple is so committed to artificial intelligence that it finalized the deal on green screen software removal. What makes this software unique is the ability to naturally remove the background instantly through the camera giving the ability for Holograms and for future FaceTime that will remove the environment behind you. Very similar to what we can expect to see from Star Wars and Star Trek where you saw a hologram with nothing behind it this is coming to life and could be here sooner than later.

Uber officially goes Airborne. No longer a rumor by 2023 Dallas, San Francisco will be the first locations testing Uber flights. You’ll be able to go to an Uber Tower. Easily check in and fly up to four passengers to a location of another terminal. Upon launch its estimated to work out of $5.83 U.S. per mile. Or $7.61 per kilometer but as volume increases would lower it to $1.80 U.S. per mile. Or $2.35 Canadian per kilometer. To give you an idea, Hamilton to Toronto by air is 59 km and would cost about $448 one way, but in mass volume would cost about $138 one way.

It’s now official you can purchase a Rubik’s Cube that will solve itself. The science has been officially completed and if you were always struggling on trying to figure out how to get the Rubik’s Cube back to being solved and we’re never able to do it this new Rubik’s Cube will allow you the ability to let it solve itself. Allowing your intelligence to completely go down the drain.

We’ve seen popular online mattresses in a box being served and delivered across the country. Amazon soon-to-be in the mattress business is offering a cost-effective option for anyone wishing to buy a mattress in a box. At a fraction of the cost of $230 versus 530 of which the competition currently sells this is an option that you can now order through Amazon Prime and have your mattress delivered instantly to your home.

If you’re using Alexa I thought it would be handy to give some of our listeners an opportunity to know how powerful it is. One feature is Alexa guard. Just tell Alexa you’re leaving and the echo devices will be on alert for unusual sounds including breaking glass or smoking alarms. It can toggle lights on and off to give the feeling that someone is also home.

If you got Alexa on your phone or in your car or at work Alexa location reminders are now enabled giving you the ability to say remind me to water the plants when I get home. When you arrive Alexa will gladly remind you.

Whisper mode. This will know at a certain time at night when you tell Alexa anything it will whisper a command and respond with a whisper. Always handy when you don’t want to wake your significant other up.

Coming in the fall  is the Echo Show which is the visual version of Amazon Alexa. You will be able to now show you when someone rings the doorbell as it will connect with ring or other smart devices. Just say, “Alexa answer the front door”, and a two-way video audio feed will come alive.

Alexa may soon hear you coughing and sniffling and when it does will respond with an offer to sell you cough drops. Amazon was granted a US patent this past Tuesday that allows to be more aware of your physical or emotional state. If you’re excited, bored or now even sick. Amazon is working to think like a human and understand your needs based on the artificial intelligence as an example you may ask Alexa what’s going on today and it will ask are you in the mood for a movie? Knowing that you would be interested in certain film such as horror or action could make recommendations. It will also offer voice shopping in the future when you do have that cold to help you make a purchase easily as it purchased an online pharmacy pill pack earlier this year of course it’s got the convenience of supplying your medication.

We saw on Amazon come out with a new microwave. Well there is now the June intelligent oven, a wifi-connected countertop cooker with a built-in camera that will recognize your food, add cook settings for select dishes and take out the thought of how long does it take to actually heat the item. Cooking your food is as simple as pressing a button. This easy to use cooker starts at $799 U.S. which by the way is much cheaper than the $1,500 model that came out originally, there are other models such as the Tovala Smart Oven. However, you have to scan a barcode meal through a subscription that will know the appropriate cook settings of what you’re about to put in there.

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