Episode #77 Tech Talk – Friday, November 23, 2018 – Amazon Discloses Personal Info, New Smartphones, Russian Hacking Software, Robots for Loneliness and more…

Happy Black Friday!!! Great day to do a Tech Talk!!!
But don’t go giving Amazon all your information right away as Wednesday this past week Amazon disclosed that due to technical error it exposed names and email addresses. This is the second time Amazon had to apologize to customers letting them know the information was disclosed by accident. Being a trillion dollar company doesn’t come with its security issues.
Here is some smartphones that may not even be on your radar as most carriers do not include them in the roster. We’re so used to Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel but here are some phones I thought I would bring up that might be of interest if you wanted to import them from amazon.com.
Huawei Mate Pro 20 –  It works as a wireless charging pad and charges other phones, it has an in-screen fingerprint scanner, a Face ID-type camera on the front and three cameras on the back.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – 6.39-inch display, four cameras (two on the back and two on the front) and comes in a variant with a whopping 10GB of RAM and is 5G ready.
Oppo Find X – Its camera module slides up when you want to take a photo, making its screen-to-phone ratio even higher and an in-screen fingerprint reader.
Nubia X – bezel less (no edges) and OLED display on the back — as well as an onscreen fingerprint reader.
FoxConn – The company that manufactures the iPhone has made an announcement. If you think your business has problems imagine being told you have to cut 2.9 billion in your cost for the coming year. That’s a lot of penny saving. As iPhone has announced it will be making its own systems in the near future in the USA. This obviously is taking a big punch at the Chinese company.
Russian hacking tool gets extra stealthy to target US, European computers. This malicious software will email your hacker from your computer without you ever knowing.  The way it works, is it attaches a Word document template when you open it nothing happens, other than loading the malicious software into the system itself. The software then we’ll take photos, screenshots and email it back to the hacker. When the hacker received the images it prompts a change that allows the information to alter their for constantly confusing the system to determine if it’s being hacked on the user Ed. I think the bottom line comes to you need to upgrade to Google G Suite.
One of the biggest issues with humans in the near future and with their social environment is loneliness. A female CEO is God admission to create a robot to assist us with that issue. We seen it in some capacity pertaining to people in Japan.   An 8 year old that is diagnosed with a condition that limits them from going to a school and meeting with friends miss out on making and collaborating. This new robot will allow for bad communication for young and older people who are retired to have the ability to not have that loneliness. AV1 will be a robot that is very personal to a child. The company is called No
Isolation and there are 20 prototypes of the AV1 robot with the hopes that it will grow and build.
IBM Watson has collaborated with Lexus to create the first ever computer generated script for commercial. Launched this past week, the computer analyzed the last 20 years of award-winning car scripts. Generated the storyboard and how it would roll out.
Apple is committed on Artificial Intelligence and on virtual reality as it picked up a new company called Silk Labs. The idea behind this company is it would integrate with the Apple home pod to assist with communicating and delivering that true experience that Amazon and Google provides to the whole Market. Apple is trailing 3rd and needs to up its game if it’s thinking to compete in this environment.  Silk Labs was building the software that integrated with artificial intelligence as a personal assistant for both home hubs and mobile devices. What’s unique about silk platform at sets it apart is that it was able to modify its learning behaviour by using both sound and vision and was able to have a privacy resolved with the always on speaker. 
Speaking of Acquisitions Blackberry just purchased Cylance which is a cybersecurity company meaning Blackberry is committed on creating software that is encrypted and safe for government agencies and further for users to know that their information won’t be hacked.
It’s finally here…Italdesign. In a Geneva car show a modular fully electric zero-emission vehicle was announced to relieve traffic and crowded megacities. Think of a smart car or a Mini Cooper that would have a drone size propeller flyover attached pick up the car and take you to your destination quickly and easily. Similar to a scene from Star Wars with all the cars flying in single file would be what the future could hold in the not so future. This would be an air ground module and when the vehicle is done flying the Drone would autonomously return to a dedicated recharge station to wait for the next customer to order.
California fires have totally destroyed the air quality. 157000 acres of land have been destroyed and with that air quality has been impacted. A company out of Ohio called Purple Air is a pollution sensor that has grown in popularity. For $250 this product can assist with testing the air quality inside and out and the information collected is shared through Google showing where and how people’s breathable air is being impacted. This simple product could be great for all countries who are concerned about smog warnings and their own breathing concerns. 

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