Espisode #19 - Tech Talk - Google Gmail Security, Bixby in Appliances, Toronto's Futuristic Tech, Smart Coat and more...

by: Adam

Heres what you missed October 20th, 2017. Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield on AM900 CHML!

People love their pets and sometimes you feel a little guilty about not taking care of your loved one. This cool Tech will really give you a guilt trip like you’ve never had before. Called Waggit. It’s a Fitbit for dogs. Tracking exactly how much exercise your dog is getting including the dogs temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and advising when it’s time to get up and get moving.

Now for cat lovers, this is the solution that will clean the litter box at least for a few weeks. The PetSafe scoop free self-cleaning litter box will keep that litter box clean for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Applying new litter and removing all the old stuff. Simply manage on its own and keeps a record electronically when it needs to be filled and removed,…

You better love Bixby because it’s going to be in pretty much every Samsung Appliance you may buy. Refrigerators will be shipping with Bixby starting next year. Advising you when to order your milk, groceries and give you a little more control of possibly ordering through Amazon or Walmart your groceries. Next year Bixby will be shipping with all TV sets replacing all current existing Smart TVs. Next Christmas will be a blowout sale for sure on old LED TVs.

Toronto is in the process of getting 800 acres retrofitted into a futuristic Tech world. I thought I would go over in detail what this actually means. Starting in 2016, Google’s company decided they were going to work with cities to enhance and grow towards a futuristic development. There is a catch. This futuristic vision comes with a lot of tracking. Meaning they will be looking at everyone within that 800 square feet travel schedules, how often you travel and how many times you walk into a coffee shop. However, they did ensure that nothing that is recorded on video will be shared only the analytics. Development is underway right now by the Water Front.

If you’re missing your loved one this will be the best product for Christmas. Imagine you have a lamp and your loved one overseas has the same lamp. Instead of sending at XO XO text you can now just touch the lamp and it will send a pulse light to the other lamp wherever it is. Giving that loved one a little acknowledgment that you’re thinking of them.

This winter it’s going to be cold and judging by the temperature craziness going on you just never know when your coat needs to be a little warmer. A bulky winter coat that is a little smarter allows you to set your temperature controls so your jacket can warm you to a degree that makes you happy. But it also comes with a charging unit so you can keep your phone and other electronic devices fully charged.

Google Maps was giving a lot of people some inspiration to go for a walk. When you chose where to walk from point A to point B it would be encouraging by how many calories you would burn and show you how many mini cupcakes you can eat. Apparently, a lot of people were quite appalled by this and Google’s now remove the feature. If you use Google you may notice the calendar is also updated to be a little more robust and user-friendly similar to the app.

The cell companies are going to get a little richer starting with Telus. The announcement was October 17th we will be paying $20 for a SIM card activation from 15. Rogers is the most expensive at $25 with a $10 SIM card additional fee and Koodo is the cheapest with free activation and the $10 SIM card. However, let me compare this to my American Partners. I went to Verizon as I needed to get a SIM card for my phone as I changed it to an iPhone and all SIM cards are free. No activation fee, and no cost for a SIM card.

Your GPS from Garmin just got Alexa installed. Garmin made a deal where Alexa will now allow you to connect with your phone and read your e-mails, shop by voice mail and help you schedule calendar appointments all through your Garmin GPS system.

Fraud Continues to be a serious concern online. As such we may be encouraged to do a two-tier confirmation before any online purchase is done. Shoppers will be forced to enter a code that is emailed or text messaged prior to a purchase being approved.

McDonald’s is getting serious about smartphone technology not being acceptable when you’re supposed to be having, fast food? McDonald’s is doing a pilot run called “Fun Time” where you can lock up your smart devices in a locker while you enjoy your meal with your family at McDonald’s. This is something we all speak about but nobody really does when it comes to enjoying time with your family.

If you’re paranoid about Google’s Gmail getting hacked, you can now pay for a little extra layer of security. Google is now offering a Bluetooth key fob or a USB connected confirmation code that can only work with your Gmail. Meaning if you don’t have this fob or USB stick your email is pretty much locked.