Facial Recognition Alert for the Unfocused and Facial Recognition for Arrests Warrants in Crowds, Drones Planting Seeds, Apple Highlights New Features

by: Adam

Friday, June 9, 2017 – Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield on AM 900 CHML every Friday at 11:35 a.m.

Do you ever feel like running through a red light? If you purchase a new Cadillac it will now keep track of when the lights are turning red. Using V2I Call vehicle-to-infrastructure when the light is about to turn red a monitor will show up on the display screen. Expect this to come out in the next roll out in the coming year.


Do you remember when you didn’t pay attention in class? Well, if you’re going to school in France, facial recognition is going to know alert the school teacher and the school that you weren’t looking or focusing on the course.


Facial recognition in the UK was just used and confirmed during the Champion League game finding someone who had a warrant out for them. Police had cameras on different angles for those walking through the stadium and it alerted and advised of a perpetrator who was caught from a list of over 500,000 the police are seeking or are on a wanted list. This is the first of its kind where the authorities have used facial recognition to arrest someone in a crowd.


Drones are continuing to change our landscape and how we do business. “Droneseed” is the new company now being used in Seattle specifically for planting seeds. 1 operator can manage 15 drums for how to reforest a field used for spraying and planting.  800 trees a day 2 acres, 1 person with 15 drums equal to 3500 trees a day.


When Facebook first came out it had a poke feature. People would poke you and you would poke them back. It still exists but it isn’t very active. A new button on some of your friends Facebook profile now has a ‘wave’ feature. Now you can click the button and wave to your friend and annoy them to know you’re saying hello.


Apple has their keynote this week and I’ve only highlighted some of the things that I feel are relevant.

For the Apple watch OS,  is pretty much going to become a gym feature. A Fitbit with a few other elements that make you feel special. The one thing about Apple watch is there focus on monitoring sugar levels for those with diabetes but the technology isn’t exactly there yet.


The Apple pencil case, of all things I have to look at and laugh. The fact they even launched this to hold the pencil with the iPad Pro made me laugh out loud. How they spoke about the protection of your pencil and keeping it close to your iPad had me laughing even though they were quite serious. Ironically, it’s one of the most expensive pencil case holders you’ll ever buy.


Home pod. The one thing I liked about this feature specifically, is the fact that you can have a sound system that monitors and listens to make sure the sound quality is always at its best. By multiple units and you can now have it have the same sound throughout the house or in any room in any corner.


A new device can now keep precious moments of their children. You strap it on like a little tag and it will record the day’s events of what your child does. Think of it as a home camera strapped to you, keeping a log journal of your everyday life. The software even comes with the ability to put a movie together at the end of the day. This might come in handy at Canada’s Wonderland or in Disney World. This would save the parents the time of holding the camera trying to capture that moment with their child.


Google has a new Education Program that is going to be focused on teaching youth about safety. This will follow a few principles:
Be Internet Smart: Share with care,
Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake,
Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets,
Be Internet Kind: it’s cool to be kind,
Be Internet brave: when in doubt, talk it out. The goal is to prepare our youth for using the internet in the proper way.

The goal is to prepare our youth for using the internet in the proper way.


There’s a new solar-powered cooker that is great for campers that allow you to cook your meals in less than 10 minutes. With the power of the sun, you can now cook your meal and do it all on renewable energy. The only catch to this device is that you do need the sun. It doesn’t store the power, so on a rainy day, it’s going to take a little longer to cook your meal.


Do you ever wonder why the iPhone was so expensive to fix if you cracked the screen? Well, Apple has just released the ability to let third-party cell phone companies repair the screens. Apple never announced this that there is special equipment allowing to fix iPhones quickly and easily. Under the new rules in the United States right to repair they are rolling this out to third-party companies which mean it will be a little less expensive when you crack your screen.


If you use iCloud storage you’ll be excited to know that your paid account will give you double the amount of space online. 1 terabyte now gives you 2 terabytes for only 999 a month. However it still comes with only 5 gigabytes free.