FPM3 celebrates 16 years of service

by: Adam

16 years ago today we opened FPM3

In the last year, we’ve managed to make a few new changes.  We have a few new people joining our team. A new business development officer that’s focusing our business efforts down in the United States, in addition speaking of United States we open a new office in Orlando Florida. We continue to service the New Jersey, Philadelphia Market and of course the Canadian Market is managed and operated out of Hamilton Ontario.

Over 16 years I’ve had many amazing stuff, in fact some people started here continued on in other careers and our clients today. I guess it’s like watching your children grow move on and continue to support you and what you do.

We’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years, when I first started it was an advertising agency primarily focused on radio, television, outdoor print advertising. We migrated into the event planning around 2004 to 2006 and in 2009 after the recession I got to wake up call that made me Focus directly on the online digital advertising services.

It’s funny, our agency started around the same time as Facebook. And unfortunately, I’m not a billion dollar company it makes me proud to know that I’ve managed to survive as long as they have. I tribute my ability to keep the business rolling by pushing forward and adapting to change. The changes that take place in marketing and advertising alter as quick as a cell phone update. These changes are how I can provide solutions for clients in an ever-changing fast-paced world it’s amazing to think in 2010 mobile marketing was only stated in today it is an absolute mandatory feature.

We continue to build and work with her clients ensuring that their messages and their advertising grows their sales and their brand awareness. If you’re interested, and you feel you want to work with a strong solid credible agency feel free to reach out I have an amazing team that will assist you and I myself will be more than happy to talk with you directly on how we can assist with your advertising.

Happy birthday FPM3.