FPM3 ranked TOPSEO!

by: Adam

For the past 18 years FPM3  has provided the best in-service and quality for our clients when it comes to delivering on their digital marketing execution. It is with pride that I announce we are now ranked in the Top SEO listings and rightfully so. 

The agency (FPM3) has progressed and changed along with the digital world. Windows Explorer was the top browser when we first started and today Chrome is the number 1 browser,  followed by Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Websites were developed inclusive of Adobe Flash and today Adobe flash is no longer even safe to have on your computer.


This was shared with me just recently and after further review caught my attention for the following reasons:

1.) Newest, and dynamically updated on this subject. It has 100’s of web-change monitors set up. In other words the website knows when web browsers features change.
2.) Most comprehensive web browser alternatives research article on the web – for both depth and breadth.
3.) Data-driven, focusing on actual product features as opposed to subjective, unreliable third-party reviews.
4.) Uniquely Interactive, allows readers to put in their own feature importance scores via survey and get immediate custom report

Competition has grown in such Leaps and Bounds and I’m proud to announce that FPM3  has survived since 2003 through 2 recession and a covid-19 crisis.

If you’re seeking an agency to help you accomplish your goals, feel free to reach out and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can set up an SEO, digital marketing plan or assisting your website generating enough traffic for your business. We’ve been dealing with e-commerce since 2007, created our own softwares that is patented and still executed today in the helping of logistically planning and scheduling inventory for clients. Thank you to all of our past customers with allowing us to help their business continue to grow in this new digital age