FPM3 sponsors Volleyball team "FPM3"

by: Adam

Adam Oldfield Volleyball team shirt Adam Oldfield Volleyball team shirt2












I am pretty excited to announce that FPM3 has sponsored a volleyball team that is rightly named “FPM3” and we got the team shirts (finally) in today.  I threw mine on and was pretty excited about showing off the FPM3 colours not to mention it has my name on the back, in the case I can’t remember I can always take it off and look at it.

The FPM3 volleyball team so far has a straight winning streak and is stacked full of amazing talent.  Kind of like our company (oh boy…getting biased here).  They’ll be posting updates and photos of themselves in the coming weeks as they play each week for the championship Volleyball trophy/ribbon or whatever they will get.

I also have to announce that I’m the “fill-in” for players that can’t make it.  Let’s hope that they don’t ever need me to come into the courts, as I haven’t played in over 20 years.