FPM3 Summer Shut Down

by: Marc

Dear loyal FPM3 fans, followers, and friends,


Summer Shut Down (1)This blog is to inform you that FPM3 will be completely closed between Monday, June 29th and Friday, July 3rd. We will miss you all dearly during this time, but are greatly looking forward to our extensive summer plans:

Adam plans on taking a very long road trip across the country to vacation with family. Raven will be spending some time amongst the flowers in her garden. Kelly and Peter will be camping and Kelly may suffer from a little programmer’s withdrawal. Joaquin plans to set the office record for most tanned employee, while Salena will probably set the record for most sports played and won at a resort in the Caribbean. Ryan will sleep, and sleep, and sleep. I plan on giving Joaquin a run for his money on being the most tanned employee, but will probably end up very burnt as I re-read the Harry Potter series and fall asleep in the sun.

But fret not, because just like the Terminator, we will be back, and will resume our normal working hours on Monday, July 6th. Happy summer everyone!