Friday, April 21, 2017 - Tech Talk -Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle, Facebook's new tech, Mastercards Fingerprint Sensor, Subway Order on Messenger, Needle Vending Machines Google Hire and More..

by: Adam

Here are the topics of discussion for the show on Tech Talk AM900CHML with Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly for Friday April 21, 2017.

The Water bottle that now allows you to be lazy and dumb.  It will light up when it’s time to have a drink.  It connects to an app on your smartwatch/fitbit and will keep a tally on your hydration levels.  Has a rechargeable battery and is called the Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle.

It was Facebook kickoff event of all the latest and greatest technology.  One item I thought was quite impressive was Facebook’s new technology that allows to know what the brain is thinking. Yes, they’ve developed the software that can identify what’s in your mind. Which means those with inability to communicate can now have their thoughts read by a computer.

MasterCard just launched a fingerprint sensor that is directly in the card itself. The limitations do not allow you to share another fingerprints on file. If you’re comfortable with your fingerprints held at the bank this is a new way to secure your money.

Do you love Subway? Facebook now can place your order directly in messenger. If you can’t get enough of that sandwich now you can order it so easily with Facebook Messenger.

If you’re in Las Vegas and need any kind of syringes there are now vending machines that will dispense clean needles.

Google hasn’t completely controlled the world but with “Google Hire” a new website, will allow you to post jobs and seek employment.

A Chinese car maker Geely, the owner of Volvo and the London Taxi Company, has launched Lynk & Co. 03. This car will be the new vehicle available on the market. What makes it unique is the fact that it has constant connection to the internet with free data traffic and the car has its own cloud. It will also have an open API to its own app store. The vehicle also has a lifetime warranty.

If you love the old style keyboards that you learn keyboarding in high school. There is now a new keyboard that will connect to your computer that gives you the feeling of the clicking and sensation of typing on the original keyboard or typewriter.

If you love Netflix so does all the shareholders. Netflix Revenue came in at a hundred and thirty-three million for the quarter which is about a 286% increase compared to 34 million in revenues a year ago. It is expected to exceed 100 million subscribers sometime this weekend.

Netflix was reportedly number one in app revenue during Q1 2017

It’s official the Galaxy S8 battery will not explode even if you stab it with a knife.  A test was done cutting through and S8 and all it did was sizzle.

Walmart has a new kind of discount and Amazon’s having a very difficult time competing. Walmart now will offer shipping to all stores absolutely free. It will knock off $50 if they do so on any sale item or product.