Friday, August 18, 2017 - Android Oreo, Zinc-Air Batteries, Microchips, Edible or Biodegradable Wafer Coffee Cups, Google Pays 3 Million to Apple

by: Adam

What happens when Internet of Things does an update and software doesn’t make it better but actually disables it? This is the case with the Lock Lockstate Company. The software update actually disabled one of their models and now it will take between 5 to 18 days for it to be repaired. The good news is, it comes with a key. However, keep in mind the  “Internet of Things”,  which is products that are controlled and updated by the internet also can have a situation where your bad review can also result in an inactive product. In the case where a gentleman and the states had a garage door with a video camera and left a bad review on Google and they disabled his garage door completely.

As the season’s almost over barbecues are getting smarter. If you were searching this year you probably saw a few smart BBQ’s on the market. Charbroil and Webber each have an App that allows you to control and give you advice on what you’re cooking. The App tells you the temperature of your barbecue can when your desired meat products are prepared and ready.

Intel’s second 10-nanometer chip codenamed, ‘Ice Lake’ is about to come out starting in 2018. What makes this exciting is the fact that this chip gives the power of a complete desktop directly into a mobile size microchip which means your Smartwatch could be as powerful as your desktop computer.

Qualcomm – Not to be undone has a new chip that is going to be focusing on 3D Contours of an object or location allowing your smartphone to give that augmented reality in a full visual effect. With Note 8 coming out with a 4K resolution OLED this would make perfect sense as our expectations of our smartphones are going to give the reality of having a camera within your hands with the power of a computer.

Out comes a new GoPro fashionable wearable. Think of it as a necklace that will now allow you to have a camera around your neck and comes with a clip to act as a small stand. It will allow you to do your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and costs $400 but gives you a front-row overview of your life as that’s the name of the product front row.

Google paid 3 billion dollars to Apple to have Google as the Search Engine. In 2014 they paid 1 billion. The three billion dollars covers more than the operating costs and is 24% of the total profit income of Apple. However, 50% of add Revenue searches come from Apple iOS. It’s probably an extremely good investment.

TOP 3 selling smartphone makers and products of all time!

  1. Nokia 1100 – 1 Billion

  2. iPhone 6 and 6plus – 220 Million

  3. Samsung E1100 13 day standby time 150million

Razor came in at #4 and Blackberry didn’t make the list at all.

On Monday, Bing Microsoft search engine 1 offline for almost 4 hours. And nobody even knew. Showing how powerful the global search giant of Google truly is.

Bing went down today and no-one noticed

Batteries. We talked about battery list phones however in the meantime there is a zinc-air battery that will easily last longer than the traditional lithium-ion. Why this is exciting is that the benefits include longer-lasting, abundant Supply meaning less expensive batteries to replace what works and environmentally friendly. We can expect to hear more of zinc air battery operated smart phones and electronics probably within the next year

We talked about robots taking over the workplace however, the reality is that humans will still always have a place with a job. You might want to consider getting an upgrade and I’m not referring to your education. A new study shows that we will be bionically upgraded allowing us to have more strength and capabilities. This may include augmented reality contact implants, or an arm enhancer. Nothing can replace truly the value of a human’s rational emotional thinking and this will be an area that will be offering value and work in the future.

Android Oreo is going to be coming out the new operating system that will replace thousands of Android phones features include a faster operating system, longer battery life, PIP,  (picture in picture) and a few other very key features. It will be rolling out to the Google Pixel phones to start, LG, HTC. Buy phones like Samsung that runs on its own operating system upgrades will probably take a while.

There’s a new coffee cup on the market called “Cupffee”. It is a wafer made up of grains that remain solid and allows the coffee to hold for one hour. When you’re done, just eat the cup or throw it away and it is 100% biodegradable.