Friday, June 23, 2017 Tech Talk Smart Duvet, Baseball VR, Self-Driving Bus, Smart Blender and More...

by: Adam

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From the makers of Smart Duvet there is technology that will make your bed automatically. A new bed sheet is now available that can keep your partner cool while the other can have the temperature up. No more fighting over who gets to control when it’s warm or hot under the sheets.

Major League Baseball is setting up with Samsung a few games on virtual reality. Giving you the sensation of being at the Ballpark without ever leaving your seat.

Virgin Mobile USA will only carry iPhones. As part of their new promotion, $1 for one year will give you unlimited data up to 23 GB and $50 each month after. What makes this interesting is that they are only carrying iPhone and the discount you’ll get with the purchase of used and brand new iPhones.

Michigan is launching next year a self-driving shuttle that can take up to 15 students from residence to campus. It’s official the self-driving bus is in effect.

A smart blender that will now get your morning smoothies together without waking the whole family. It’s now available and can be in silence.

Feel like you don’t know how to become a social media Mogul. In China, you can now sign up for a college course for three years to learn all the Arts of how to be entertaining and make yourself interesting for people to follow. 700 million Chinese people are online with their mobile devices and it’s a great opportunity to start up a course.

Get ready as Apple is going to be taking on Netflix. Putting a lot of money towards unique content and programming for broadcast.

It’s official, five billion worldwide now have a mobile device. That’s one-third of the total world population is using smartphones. Or a mobile device to connect.

Get ready for this hot weather. I’m going to give reasons for how you want to take care of your smartphone. The heat will drain your battery and there is a smart way to take care of it.

We spoke about a rumor with Googles search for jobs. Overnight it launched and now you can search through multiple listings and find a job using Google.

A new bracelet will help you not only look fashionable but advise you how to avoid getting a sunburn. It links with your smartphone tells you the UV rays and can adjust to advise what you need to do with respect to protecting yourself in the Sun.

By 2023 France will have driverless drone trains on the track. Not even using a driver. Everything will be automated and these high-speed trains will be running autonomously.

A new battery that drinks seawater can actually also charge the battery giving Underwater Vehicles a long range access. Meaning deep sea diving could be now unlimited for motorized support. Seawater has been proven to create an electrical charge and now it’s been developed to keep your battery at full speed.