Friday, March 17, 2017 - Tech Talk - Amazon Alexa, Family Link Security for Parents, Phone Locks Important, Facezam Hoax?, Headphones Exploding and more

by: Adam

Big Happy Birthday to my Grandmother! Took her for lunch in a limo provided by Hamilton Limo.

ALEXA  – Good and bad news about this Amazon product.

Roomba the cleaning vacuum robot now works with Alexa. You can easily now just yell at it and it will start cleaning.

New Security needs to be put together. Recently a 6 year old managed to purchase a new doll house and a box of cookies simply by asking Alexa to get it.

Google launched this week – FAMILY LINK.  A way for kids to search in a friendly way and parents to keep an eye on the devices, especially those 13 and younger.  It gives parents the ability to approve kids request anywhere. It costs $0.30 for parental consent allowing you to have the ability to manage your child’s account online. When the child wishes to ask permission, it will send a note to the parent to click a button to say approved or denied.

In the recent news about the government having the ability to search your phone at the border, there was a survey done and only 28% of smartphone owners have no lock screen on their phone. That’s quite a big number for everyone that doesn’t find security a big deal. 25% use a pin code, 23% use a thumbprint, 9% use a password and 9% use a pattern of dots.

In the case of a snowstorm, one company tried to provide a service that would give it a little exposure. Pornub offered free plowing to residents of NY, NJ and Boston.  If you wanted to ask for a blow #pornhubplows was there to rescue you.

Hoax or Reality? – A marketing company started a campaign in UK called Facezam, the app that can take a picture and scan the database of Facebook and tell you everything about them and all pictures they are in.  It was hoax, but the truth of it is that this COULD exist?   How dangerous is it?

Exploding washing machines, phones, and NOW headphones!   A flight from Australia to China had a young woman face get burned when the lithium batteries exploded on the plane.

TECH TALK – PRODUCT UPDATE:.  Standard Innovation (Canadian company) have settled a class action lawsuit from Aug 2016 for 3.7 Million with a promise to destroy all information collected from customers that used their Vibrators.  If you bought and used their app and product you could be entitled to a settlement of up to $10,000.

What would you do with 15 Billion?  How about buying a company Mobileye. This is the product and patent rights for most technology in all autonomous cars.  Lane control, speed management and it’s now owned by Intel.

Gmail just announced for Android that you can now send money directly from your email, simply and easily. It will be in the United States but will be eventually coming up to Canada.

Nothing says technology than a Tesla. It’s good for the environment and it’s a fun car with lots of gadgets. However, what happens in the case you get in an accident? In some cases, repairs are taking over a year to be done as the parts are not available. Something to be concerned about for those that purchased a vehicle.

Tech Talks worst product is the Visa Sunshade. This Visa Sunshade now allows you to make payments with your sunglasses. The chip is preloaded with an amount of money that you can easily take off and slide over the NFC mobile payment system or just look at it closely. However, don’t lose your sun shades as there is no security on these sunglasses.

Visa bellyflops into the wearables space with payment-enabled sunglasses