Friday March 31, 2017 - Tech Talk at 10:30 a.m iPads Google Calendar, Pizza delivered by Robot, Android O, Samsung 8, Samsung Note 7, Fewer free Apps from Apple

by: Adam

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Here are the topics discussed last week:

iPad now has Google Calendar – I’ll go through why this is amazing!

Domino’s now is delivering by “Robot” in Germany to homes within 1.6km of the stores…rolling out this year.


  • Coolest phone…and I’ll go through why

  • Iris scanner, waterproof, fast, high-speed microchip

  • Great battery life

  • However, 1 issue with the phone…might really turn some people off.


I’m corrected…it IS coming back and it’s refurbished.  Would you want one?

Facebook Messenger is NOW rolling out the share my location with friends for up to an hour.

IBM has a new scanning system that can confirm if you have cancer.  IBM Watson was used on a beach in California and scanned over 800 people.  70 were confirmed with starting cases of Melanoma.

New company start-up will have planes flying from London to Paris by electric planes within 10 years.

LOVE FREE APPs, Google Play now gives you the chance to get a free APP each week.  It’s tab that will allow you to get it easily.

This new software is going to have some pretty cool features.

  • Better management of apps. Turning off features so it doesn’t drain the battery

  • Autofill features

  • Picture IN picture mode

  • Better multi-tasking features.

Android O New Features and Improvements for 2017

Apple is cracking down on the FREE APPS and there is going to be fewer apps (247,000) in the coming month with Apple new rules.

AND…the service that will allow you to pay and have someone STREAM a video from your loved one’s cemetery so you can pay your respects in person, but so you don’t have to leave work.