Friday, May 25, 2017 Tech Talk - Google Assistant, Vending Machine for Ferraris, Toddler Monitor, Real Life Robocop, Apple and Nokia, Affordable Solar Panels, iPhone Polaroid

by: Adam

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You can now ask Google Home to pre-heat your oven, to tell you if the dishes are clean, to make hot water, or set the oven timer for 10 minutes.

In China, you can now order a Ferrari or Lamborghini directly from a vending machine. That’s right, just plug in your order and it will automatically dispense with a classic Ferrari or one of the latest models. The vending machine holds up to 60 vehicles. One dealership in the United States allows you to buy your car online in the vehicle will automatically dispense for you.

There is a new toddler monitoring tool. It can now be set up to monitor and track a door opening so when you’re young one gets up from a nap and the door opens it will send a notification or an alert to your phone. This is very handy for any parent when young toddlers randomly will leave their bedroom.

RoboCop used to be just a movie. In the United Emirates, it is now officially a vehicle of how the police are maintaining the law. Dubai Police now have robotic officers to enforce the law and offer a security live feed directly to a command center. The robot allows for two-way communication and monitors the massive Dubai Mall. The robot first launched in 2011 and is now becoming mainstream. The city intends on recruiting a lot of these robots eventually making up 25% of the workforce by 2030.

Nokia and Apple have finally settled out of court. Battling over patent issues, Nokia has won in court where they will now receive a payment settlement in addition to ongoing payments for each iPhone sold. Nokia owned by Microsoft is also now developing and sharing technology with Apple with their health applications and hardware.

If you thought it was a challenge going through customs and security at the airport before, they are testing currently at 10 airports in the United States where you will need to remove any electronic devices larger than a cell phone and put it in a separate bin.  In addition, there is a test of potentially removing any paper or food. The main reason for this is that carry-ons do not have an extra cost. Many people are packing as much as they can within their carry-on thereby disrupting the X-ray from properly searching.

Renewable energy is one of the things all countries are striving for. However, it’s also been putting many people out of business. In the case of many solar companies in the United States, we’re doing very well over the last few years. Recently in China has imposed a cut in rebate fees for those using solar as it has become very popular. Solar manufacturing companies in China have cut their cost by 75% globally which therefore makes it uncompetitive for anyone outside of China to compete. In addition, a new solar panel can be printed. imagine a roll of printed solar panels that just unravel and easily can now develop and create the renewable energy. Easy to put on roofs or on the side of your home.

Google has had a bit of History where advertising hasn’t been well received as some of the major brands have been seen on some inappropriate videos. The algorithm that calculates it, is having a difficult time determining whether the video is inappropriate or not. Google has now advised it will be offering with all the information it has to advertisers, the ability to know when people search for your ad and further when they walk into a store.  Justifying the goal of Google to get the major advertising dollars with proof of return on investment.

If you love The Polaroid there is now a case that goes over your iPhone that you can take a picture and it will instantly spit out a hard copy for you. For only $150 you can now have a Polaroid camera connected with your iPhone.