by: FPM3

Over the past few months, FPM3 has been working side by side with Dan Gauthier, an experienced font designer, to create a custom built website showcasing hundreds of his designs. Mr. Gauthier began designing fonts over twenty years ago. It was always his passion, however, he never thought he’d be able to turn it into a business.

FPM3 initially sat down with Mr. Gauthier  to discuss his goals and vision for the website. At first, the website was intended to be a place to showcase his designs, however, our talented team was able to construct a marketing strategy that transformed the website into an online business.

Our Designers created several concepts, logos, and images for Mr.  Gauthier to review in order to perfectly brand his new business. After we mastered the look, our Web Developers built a fully responsive, mobile friendly, SEO ready, wordpress website with a payment portal. We created a manual and taught Mr. Gauthier how to navigate through his website, update pages and add in any new fonts that he designs in the future. In addition, FPM3 provided recommendations for copywriting and legal documents based on our experience with online sales. now includes free GautFonts, and purchasable DangFonts. Both font collections are inspired by the ephemera from many eras: detective, science fiction, horror and girly pulp magazines and novels, magic and novelties, film, music, comics, packaging, signage, exploitation and propaganda.

“My original intention was to retire GautFonts and introduce a new body of work which I call DangFonts. The name change represented my new era of font making. However, the creative minds at FPM3, who’ve worked with me to develop this site, urged me to keep GautFonts alive to capitalize on the equity of that brand. The scope of this site has evolved way beyond my initial vision and my wildest imaginings because of the help and advice I received.” – Dan Gauthier

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