Gelato for The Rotary Club of Hamilton

by: Adam

Valentino’s Restaurant in Hamilton donated the sales of every Gelato sold this past Saturday to the Rotary Club of Hamilton.  This was an amazing event and further good community support by Valentino’s.

It makes me proud to live in a City where we can all give a little to support programs right here in our own backyard.   The Rotary Club of Hamilton uses all the money we get to support children in the downtown core to  experience something they normally wouldn’t be able to do.  This includes:

* Summer Literacy Camps – completely free and a chance to learn and enhance their reading skills at Cathy Wever School

*  Telling Tales Festival – a fun day to learn about reading and more

*  Curling with kids – where the kids get a chance to learn and participate in curling

These are just some of the programs we offer through the Rotary Club of Hamilton and as the Director of Communications it is a pleasure to share them with you.

I’ll be writing more about these programs in the future and what we are doing in the downtown Hamilton area.   If you want to participate, feel free to send me a note through our contact page or by visiting