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Giving is Living – Adam Oldfield’s Christmas Story

Adam Oldfield

Taking the selfie during lunch at Cathy Wever School

I have to say I’m a proud rotarian. I’ve been involved with the Rotary Club of Hamilton for over 12 years but only been a member since 2012. I have to say one of the highlights of being a rotarian is contributing to helping Inner City Hamilton children and seeing them experience a Christmas that they may not normally have. Over 700 students at Cathy wever School in downtown Hamilton are fed a lunch, receive a gift and a book plus 25 children who normally would never afford a laptop or desktop receive the computer all from donations of the Rotary Club of Hamilton.

Of the 700 students, 100 of them are Syrian refugee children where this was their first Christmas ever. I had the opportunity to be the MC of this wonderful event for the Rotary Club. And as fun as it was on stage I think what really warmed my heart was when I was asking the children what they would want for Christmas I got a few fun answers. For example; Kitty cat, Batman Lego, and a hug!  The hug came from the Syrian child who just wanted to thank me for the meal. He wasn’t able to speak English at all, but I think we communicated quite well that he was enjoying himself and it was all very overwhelming.

I bought myself a suit just for the Christmas season. Just in time for an event like this. What was funny as I walked on stage I could hear a few of the children that were sitting yell.. “Santa, you shaved your beard?”  Bottom line: I know I need to go on a diet starting January 1, 2017

I even brought a few of my staff to the event to help out!  They did a great job!

Adam Oldfield and Ryan Ahrens

Sometimes you don’t understand what community groups do. As an example I was never really sure what Rotary did in the community. Today and each year I can see how amazing a group of similar minded individuals from different Industries and religious groups along with political views can all come together and just do the right thing.

It was a lot of fun and I have to say if you’re looking to join a community service group I would encourage Rotary to be one of those options. I know I’m proud to be one and hopefully I’ll cross paths with anyone who becomes a rotarian in the future.

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Whatever you celebrate, happy holidays
Adam Oldfield 

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