Giving Your Clients Ability to Pay You Faster

by: Adam

Running a business is comprised of many components, but the main ones are providing excellent customer service while making money. You may want your customers or clients to have the ability to pay you faster, rather than waiting for a cheque in the mail. By installing a Payment Portal on your company website, this can be done quick and cost efficient! Having a Payment Portal on your website with a private URL will allow your clients to access the page and make a payment with their credit card online, in just a few clicks.

Easy right? Your clients might ask, “Well, how is my credit card information secure?”. We install an SSL Certificate on the payment page to give peace of mind. An SSL Certificate is a piece of software that encrypts all information moving to and from the company website. There is no exchange between the website and its visitors that can be intentionally or accidentally ‘seen’ by a third party, regardless of whether the visitor is placing an order or just signing up for a newsletter.

Once the payment page is set up, you can send the private URL to your clients, they can reference their invoice number previously sent to them via email or fax, enter their credit card information and details, then submit. The transaction details are sent to Accounting and payment can be processed.

Ask us how we can help you set up a Payment Portal for your company website, and give your clients the flexibility and convenience of paying invoices online!