Golfing in support of Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice

by: Adam

I finally got the chance to get out and do some golfing this year.  The weather held out this past week as we hit the course for an amazing and fun day of golf at Heron Point in Ancaster in support of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice.   We actually golfed really well too.  In fact, the best game I every played.  However, I have to admit I did bring with me 3 amazing golfers.   2 were killer on the drives and irons, and my putting pitch hitter.

This is the 3rd year that we’ve ( has supported and sponsored the event and it’s bigger and better every year.   The people that came out to support were fantastic, and the food…oh man the food.  There was samples on almost every hole.  Including “Mother’s Pizza“, “Buffalo Wild Wings“, La Piazza just to name a few.   There was a few amazing hole in one prizes, and I was the closest to hitting the hole in one to win the BMW for 2 years.   I was about 3 feet away from the hole.   Oh well.

The biggest part of the night was the draw for the BMW 750 where we all put in our tickets and the winner (not me) got to bring home an amazing car.  Not to mention that the money was all going to the new childrens camp (Camp Erin) that is starting this coming year.

I’ve been working quite hard these past few months, and this was my first game out this year and I’m truly happy that I had the chance to enjoy it with a group of guys that made me look really good.  I believe the girls in the picture from Buffalo Wild Wing actually are what made me look even better to be honest.

Looking forward to next year in the quest to win the BMW from Budds BMW on the Mountain.

Adam Oldfield


The boys and the girls at bob kemp hospice fpm3 sponsored hole with buffalo wild wings girls adam and FPM3 sponsored hole bob kemp the fpm3 sponsored golf hole adam oldfield and the girls from buffalo wild wing