Google has changed to rules of FREE to FEE

by: Adam



It appears that with all things that are “FREE” there eventually comes a time when it’s going to have a cost associated to it.  I was informed on December 5, 2012 that the Google Business Apps (small business) is no longer free.  You used to get to setup your business (1 person to 3 people) to share calendars and have access to their programs online that share in the cloud.  Such as and other CRM tools.  These are now coming at a cost and you can no longer access this without making a payment and signing up.

The cost isn’t huge mind you, but the chances of trying it are over.   The cost is now $50 per person, per year.  You get 25G of email through Gmail and you can register your MX (Mail Exchange) to go through google so GMail can be your email and you can share calendars and work with Google Docs.

I believe that the future of anything FREE will be soon be coming to an end.  The FREE trial is limited to do just that.  Try it.   However, the goal of Google is to build and provide a service that offers the advantage of giving all you need for small business at a reasonable cost.  They have updated some other features of their systems including the YOUTUBE channel.  the ability to now have close caption at the time of the video allows those with hearing loss to now read what is being shown on the screen.  Very cool!    The new layout of Youtube is also interesting with a Guide (like TV Guide – those younger people might not know what that magazine was in the 80’s and early 90’s)  but it also shows you related video that is more to your interests.

This can be a good thing depending if you like to give your information about yourself to google so freely.  I’m sure you don’t even know it.  🙂

Welcome to 2013 – the future of online communications and technology that is now pay for service.

See the official announcement of Google below:

Hello from Google,

Here’s some important news about Google Apps—but don’t worry, there’s no need for you to take any action. We just want you to know that we’re making a change to the packages we offer.

Starting today, we’re no longer accepting new sign-ups for the basic version of Google Apps, and the option to switch to this version will no longer be available in 30 days.

You can learn more about this change in our Help Center or on the Enterprise Blog.

We are committed to providing a great experience for our Google Apps for Business customers. Your organization will continue to receive all the benefits you now enjoy: 24/7 customer support, a 25 GB inbox, our 99.9% uptime guarantee, business controls and more.

Thank you for using Google Apps.


The close caption for Youtube is now predominate through all videos. Seems pretty accurate as well.