Hacking the Unhackable

by: Adam

Hacking the Unhackable

When it comes to Internet security and protecting your online identity, it is extremely important to always remember that in this technological advancing age – the online world is never 100% unhackable. Most people imagine that hacking into in some of the world’s most secure websites would be nearly impossible, but in fact, this is not the case. Below are examples of some of the most secure sites in the world that were hacked.

MasterCard’s website was hacked by a group of people who were displeased that the company was no longer accepting donations for the Wiki Leaks organization, which flooded the site with face traffic and blocked it for regular users.

Although assumed to be the most secure network in the world, the Pentagon was hacked to the point that it took 14 months to recover from the damage.

The CIA’s public website was hacked by a cyber gang called “Lulz Security” – same gang that hacked into the Pentagon.

Sony was hacked which led to the leak of names, addresses, Social Security numbers, internal emails and other personal information.

Criminals hacked into an Internal Revenue Service website and gained access to approximately 100,000 tax accounts. This allowed them to get information about tax accounts through the application. The information stolen included Social Security information, date of birth and street address.

19-year-old London, Ont., student accused and charged for hacking into the Canada Revenue Agency’s website. The culprit was extracting full and partial tax return data involving at least 652 social insurance numbers held on CRA servers.

No matter how secure one may think the online world is, there will always be the threat of any site being hacked. We know hackers are all around us, and that’s why we pay extra attention to our online accounts and passwords. It is extremely important that no matter what site you create an online account for, to always create an intricate password.

We at FPM3 understand how vulnerable the online world can be, which is why we take every step necessary to ensure our clients are protected online and do our very best to get sites back online should any intrusion occur.

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