by: Adam

Google describes the word ‘five’ as being equivalent to the sum of two and three, one more than four, or half of ten.

A lot of awesome things come in fives: the Great Lakes, the Olympic Rings, the amount of stars presented to the finest restaurants in town, and The Jackson 5, to name a few.

In 2017, ‘five’ has some exciting significance for our team here at FPM3. We’re really excited and humbled to share the news that we’ve been honoured with the Best of Mount Laurel Award for Website Design & Development for the fifth year in a row! This award is presented to identify exceptional marketing success in our local community and business category.

Our President and CEO Adam Oldfield comments, “This is the 5th straight year of winning this award, and I’m super excited as FPM3 has done an amazing job with all our clients, but especially in the Philly and New Jersey area.”

We are ecstatic to share this accomplishment with our FPM3 family and friends, marking half a decade of successful design and growth for our agency. We’re proud to serve the local community and represent Hamilton on a larger scale through an expanding client base.

Big thanks to the Mount Laurel Award Program for recognizing us once more, and to our fabulous clients who’ve wholeheartedly put their trust in our team time and time again.
Here’s to another 5 years of successful design and development!