Happy Birthday FPM Marketing 2013

by: Adam


10 years ago today, was when I walked into the 1 room location, full of old washing machines, a snow blower and a leaky tap against the wall.  It smelled like mold and had the 1970’s fake wood panel along the wall.

I had a Kyocera 7135 (see attached phone) that had fax machine abilities and was my office in one.   My G3 Laptop was the best at the time, and was the lifeblood of my email and web browsing experience.   All this was Fingerprint Marketing & Design.   I then had to change the name to FPM Marketing & Design due to a similar name law suit.   I wasn’t happy about it, but lesson learned to hire better lawyers.


The first client was Carmen’s Banquet Hall.  I was developing their website.   The second client was Saturn of Hamilton East.  Both, approached me when they found out that I started my small business and immediately I had a company.   It was a small amount in the bank, but what I needed to feed the future growth of the marketing agency.

I had leapt into my own business at the same time of having an 8 month old, moving into a new home and I remember my ex-wife thinking I was absolutely nuts and wasn’t sure this was a good move.  If you noticed I said, “ex-wife” so I’m not sure it was a good move from that perspective.  However in a decade, I managed to build a full service marketing agency from 1 guy (me) to close to 20 people in 5 years.

In 2005, we grew into the USA creating FPM3 with our head office being in Philadelphia with locations in New Jersey.

In 2007, we expanded into New York and that’s were our current head office is located.



In 2008, we developed the Mingle, the video interface that allows for communication on any website. This also allows for us to create self recorded messages and email them.



2009 wasn’t that good to me, and like many businesses I was slammed with the recession.  I had in a matter of 1 week, 2 of my largest accounts claim bankruptcy and I was left holding thousands of dollars on their behalf.   More like hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Instead of closing, or going bankrupt myself, we managed to restructure and had to go on Federal supported programs to help the staff and further reduce costs to accommodate the ability to survive.

Now in 2013, we are still in business with 7 amazing staff and are driving with a focus towards online design, marketing and coding along with my consulting services to many businesses across the country on how to build and work in today’s technology.  I’m happy to say to FPM3, Happy Birthday! and to the team we have that are amazing and committed to FPM3’s success, started with my vision but built by the team that worked and continue to work here today.

Happy Birthday FPM3!