Happy Holidays and an end to 2015

by: Adam

Happy holidays everybody. It’s been a heck of a year. 2016 looks very promising in regards to success on many levels.   Technology has advanced once again over the past year and I’ve had the honor of being a host on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly with  Tech Talk, sponsored by Hamilton Limo,  every Friday at 11:35 a.m. We will continue to talk about technology and how it integrates with today’s lives and with small business.

I’m excited to share that it will continue into 2016 and I will be planning to prepare an outline of all the technology and 2015 I thought was revolutionary and innovative. And of course I will try to put my perspective of what the future may hold for 2016 when it comes to technology and small business.

One thing is for certain in Canada and Ontario.  We are about to go through a pretty nasty recession. While we are in the process of trying to create new jobs with green energy, the closure of the oilfields and with that trickling down to other businesses such as national steel in Hamilton closing along with many other third-party connections to the oilfields.   I trust that we can find a solution to our economic growth in this country through other resources other than hiring coffee service and fast food servers. Even though these positions are critical, you can’t continue to build on them. Good paying jobs are critical in this province and country and I’m looking forward to finding solutions and how we can better come up with them.  I refer to good paying private jobs!

Even though we’ll have more taxes and more regulations challenging every small business I want to encourage anyone looking to start a small business, please do.  For those of you that are struggling to make ends meet I encourage you to keep in touch with your MPP, your Municipal representative and as well your MP and let them know how frustrated you are and what your expectations of them are to be when they sit on our behalf in the house.

Enjoy your holidays and I wish you and your family a safe one.

Adam Oldfield
FPM Marketing &  Design Inc | FPM3

Adam Oldfield

Adam Oldfield
FPM Marketing | FPM3