Happy New Year - FPM3 2015 starts now!

by: Adam

Vector 2015 Happy New Year backgroundIt may only be November to some…but at FPM3 we are already celebrating 2015 with our new corporate new year.   It’s been a hell of a busy adventure since 2003.  Boy, do I have stories for you.  Some are funny, some happy and even a few very Sad. However, one thing that I can confirm is that this last year has been the best in over 10 years. Something that the team here can celebrate with. I’ve had a lot of staff work with me since 2003, some have been very good and some I wish I never met. My current team I’m very pleased to have with me as they have shown the ability and the skill and passion of what it takes to be in the advertising agency world. With that said, one day I may share my full story with you if you are ever so inclined to want to listen.

So to my current staff and team I look forward to the coming year and another successful profitable season. The company is only as good as its profits allows. I got a long way to go to dig out of this deep hole I got myself into since the 2009 recession. But based on this last year I believe we are definitely on the right track and I’ve got the perfect team to help me get there. Thank you to everyone in FPM3 and to all of our clients who we wouldn’t even exist if they were not working with us. Happy new year!

Adam Oldfield