Hi I'm a Successful Failure

by: Adam

I’ve been told many times, that they are amazed at how successful I am.  The reality is that me…or my life is not a success.  I’m the pure example of what failure looks like.  If anything, I’m a successful failure!

I started my business journey in 2001, but really got it rolling officially with my incorporated business in 2003.  It was then called Finger Print Marketing & Design.  It wasn’t long after (4 months) that another company called something similar sued me for name infringement or something stupid like that.  I lost as they had registered their business 8 days before me.  Seriously…8 days.  Somehow that wasn’t caught by the lawyers.

So began FPM Marketing & Design Inc.  I then changed in 2005 to FPM3.  Just a side note; FPM (Finger Print Marketing) and the 3 stands for March 3, 2003 when I officially incorporated the business.  Nothing to rocket science about that.

I can honestly say that I’ve had some successes…only to lead to failure.  I’ve had some luxury items and I’ve lost them all.  Lost my family, largest luxury item ever!  The point I’m making is that I learned a Million Dollar lesson…yes, it was close to a Million dollars that I had been slammed with in 2009.  In less than 5 days it was gone.  Starting on Monday with Royal Mattress going Bankrupt, it was followed by a series of my key accounts closing or bankrupt.   Here I am today,  a little wiser and much more focused in how to better manage and plan for the future.  I could of attended University and it would of been way cheaper.  However, this education was the most expensive and best I could of learned from.   My mentor, said to me..Success Leads to Failure.  I didn’t know what he was talking about at the time, but then again my company was making over 2Million and I didn’t know what Failure was.   I again got a slap of reality pretty quick.

Bottom line: Success is almost never achieved.  I can only say that it’s goals that you set to reach; but that is only then set by new ones.  I can’t define success; as it’s an end to a purpose.  I’m not there yet, never reached it, and probably never will.  I do know what failure is, had it, and can share that I don’t want to ever see it again!

If you want to read more; I was featured in a magazine that gives a pretty good picture of my life and the journey I took.

Adam Oldfield - Successful Failure

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