Honda Says No To Texting and Driving

by: FPM3

How many of you text and drive on a daily basis? I bet a lot of you do. It’s something that we have all grown accustomed to doing on a daily basis (hopefully not too many of us). Don’t get me wrong, social media is an amazing tool to connect with people and loved ones from around the world, but don’t you think it has become a little much as of late?

I am talking about people getting tragically killed, or seriously injured while on their phones, and it has seriously become an obsession that’s become quite deadly to society. That is why Honda decided to step up their game and raise awareness to people who make it their business to text and drive on a regular basis.

Since this month is officially “Distracted Driving Awareness” month, Honda has taken it upon themselves to produce a quite impactful campaign called #phonedowneyesup. This campaign teaches people to restrain themselves when it comes to multitasking, and being aware of your limits, especially with texting and driving. This can be so hard for people to do nowadays, what with careers and jobs requiring the #1 thing an employer looks for? Someone who can multitask and stay on top of their game 24/7. It may be harder to tear ourselves away from that habit when you actually think about it, especially when we just don’t apply this habit to work, but in every other aspect of our lives. How do we put our phones down and keep our eyes on the road?

Honda’s idea was very simple for solving this enormous problem. If you can’t safely complete minor tasks while texting, you probably shouldn’t be texting and driving. Some of the examples they used in their video clips were: working out while spotting a buddy, cutting someone’s hair and of course, teaching people that the key to making delicious pancakes is being focused while making them – don’t kill someone’s tastebuds people!

All joking aside, I think this was an effective campaign that taught people the danger of texting while driving. So let’s follow what Honda was so kind to point out to us all #phonedowneyesup.

Check out some of the videos Honda created in honour of Distracted Driving Awareness month.