Introducing the NEW Mini-iPad and many more

by: Adam

Now smaller and easier to use.   Another…yet the same product from Apple.   This was the biggest point of discussion at the Keynote Apple Event this past week and with it was very exciting news of the new Mini-iPad.   It’s smaller with only 7.85″ with 1024 x 768 resolution.  All past software will work as they share the same resolution.   It has a Dual-core A5 chip with 10 hours of battery life.  It has a 5meg camera and does come with Facetime.

The real question is this the best thing since slice bread?   I guess we’ll find out.

What got me excited is the NEW Macbook Pro 13″.   With Retina….how cool is this.   All the power of a desktop in a mini-version of 13″.   It’s much lighter and is also lighter on the pocket book $500 less than the $15″.   The coolest is that it has 2 thunderbolt ports meaning that you can plug it into 2 monitors at resolutions of 2560×1600.   I LOVE THAT.    Still not sure that it’s going to be a top seller of Apple though.

The NEW iMac – THIN is soooo in.   Love the new SUPER think look.  I believe that this is the best thing since slice bread.  I love the style and thin format.   I’m a bit concerned that if I sneeze it will blow over.  All this power and in such a skinny frame.  I believe that weight watchers got a hold of this and got it super healthy.