iPhone 7 Review

by: Adam

Slide to unlock is so 2007! I can only say that now that I actually have the iPhone 7 Plus, which is my first time having a phone with Touch ID. I promised when the iPhone 7 came out that I would keep you posted on if I actually took the plunge and got it or not. News flash! I switched over to the dark side, and said goodbye to my Android and hello to the iPhone 7 Plus.


The iPhone 7 Plus looks virtually identical to its predecessor the iPhone 6S Plus. Save for some stripes on the back and the dual camera, it would be hard to pick out the subtle differences between the two models. The most notable quam is the controversial removal of the headphone jack. Yes, my phone looks more symmetrical but to be honest I’m missing the headphone jack as much as I thought I would – which is a lot.

The new Home Button is pretty sweet – It’s not a button but when using it, you’d never know that. The phone senses when a finger is pressing on the “button” and unlocks accordingly, but not before the phone does a realistic vibration to mimic the feeling of a tangible, moving button. It’s pretty neat – not a major selling point but the less moving parts makes me feel like the less I can break it.


Let me start off by saying the camera was a huge factor in me getting the new iPhone 7. With the addition of the dual cameras, image stabilization, wider capture, and the new portrait mode (still in beta) I can happily leave my DSLR at home if I just want to get good shots at similar quality. Note – it won’t eliminate the need for my DSLR, but it’s definitely an appealing alternative to carrying around my camera bag on a long hike or quick trip to Niagara Falls. It does really well in low light – and zooms pretty sharp as well. Not to mention how easy it is to use!


So the iPhone 7 Plus boasts the new A10 Fusion Chip, which is supposed to help make the phone faster and be more efficient for the battery. As for speed, the phone is definitely fast. I don’t find it life-changingly fast, but for someone like FPM3 Graphic Designer Ryan Ahrens who came from the mere iPhone 5, it’s definitely a huge improvement. The battery life is decent for me too – but because it lasts about 1.5 days, 0.5 more than my old Android, I’ve having a hard time charging it to my schedule. I’m always awkwardly charging it at weird times – not like I used to be able to just charge it at night and use it all day.

iOS 10

Lots of new features here – including sending dynamic messages! iMessage has all kinds of new features including Gifs, sending messages with dynamic animations, sending messages with filter effects like lasers, you name it! It’s the most fun I’ve had with a messaging app for sure. It also has improved Music and News apps, and for me on the iPhone 7 Plus it’s been pretty speedy.

Overall, I’m enjoying my iPhone. Ryan and I both love how bright bold and beautiful the screen is, how speedy the phone is, and the touchID feature. It’s enough to make me excited about my phone again for sure. Would I go back to Android? Maybe, but I got what I was after with the iPhone 7 Plus which was feeling super hip with the times. With so many new features, better photo quality, and a snazzy touchID feature, I definitely feel like I’ve been suckered into Apple. And it looks like I might be here to stay!

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