Is your password for sale? Find out!

by: Adam

It seems like every time we look in the newspaper another major social media or retail vendor have had their login and passwords hacked. It seems to be one of the most common things taking place online. And what are they doing with this information? Simple. Selling it. Your information is very valuable to the black market. They find Value and being able to get your passwords and utilizing who you are online to create your profile.

I’ve said this many times before it is absolutely critical that you update your password and make sure it is complicated and challenging for someone to find. Try not to use 1, 2, 3, your children’s name, and your address. You get the idea.

So, if you wondering if someone’s actually hacked your password. You can now find out. This information has been set up from a Microsoft engineer who took all this information that is available online and put it in a database that you can easily just enter your email address and it will tell you which information has been stolen from the major online websites.

You should already have your passwords updated but in case you wonder what accounts possibly could still be available to be hacked. This will give you that list.

Check out this website:

A list of domains that hacked and managed to get my password

A list of domains that hacked and managed to get my password

Make sure you keep your passwords very challenging. Having a hard time.

Try this website:

Need a password - this is your option

Need a password – this is your option