Justin Bieber and Personal Data Protection

by: Adam

Imagine someone breaking your house and digging through your photo albums, mail, bank statement, magazines, movies (including that video from your last trip to that tropical island) and duplicating your door’s keys; basically that person would have enough time to even practice your signature for any legal transactions that he or she would like to perform.

Sure, everyone knows that is possible, however, not always that person has to break into your house all that person needs is: your Computer or Phone (if you don’t believe me ask Justin Bieber whose computer was stolen recently). What is on your personal computer? Your name, your bank account, even your credit card information or the password for your home’s security system. The same with your phone perhaps if you lost them or someone takes them you will be giving away your personal information to…the criminal world!

Luckily I have some advice for you, if you have an iPhone it’s easy (as usual). Go to “Settings”, click on “General”, then press “Reset” and select “Erase All Content and Settings”. If you have an Android phone I would suggest reviewing your online manual for specifics.

There are sites that help you with your PC or Laptop, one of them is dban.org, however, I would strongly suggest reading carefully the instruction on the site before using it. What if you have and Apple? Don’t worry the original operational system DVD comes with software to erase your files (thanks Apple!) just insert it, reboot your computer, holding down the “C” key during start up. Once booted up, choose “Utility”, then “Disc Utility”, select “Hard Drive” and then hit “Erase”. I hope you find this helpful and in the mean time lets wait and see what is taken from Bieber’s computer.