Marketing is all about Mingling

by: Adam

The first time I visited FPM3’s website, the first impression I got, was Adam Oldfield walking and talking on the website, and it was a big surprise.

For the first minute, in my naive mind – coming from a place that still uses dial up connection – I wasn’t sure if in fact he was there, talking to me. It took me a while to figure out it was an automated version of himself.

But I felt a connection with FPM3, and I still do. The fact that I was greeted and welcomed to their website, made me feel that human interaction that, at times, the virtual world is lacking.  A few days ago, when I first met Adam Oldfield, CEO of FPM3, I felt like I’ve known him for a long time.

Everything has been possible because of #The Mingle®.

Mingle means to join, to mix, to conversate and relate. In marketing, it’s all about Mingling.

#The Mingle is a great marketing tool to engage with the audience of your website. It can start creating a relationship with a customer before they get to meet you in person. Think about it, a software that will do the work for you, schmoozing and emotionally connecting with the clients even when you are not around to do it in person.