Microsoft Surface, wasn't this a table before?

by: Adam

Microsoft surprises people with a last minute conference…wait, what?

Remember this? A few years back, Microsoft was approaching to make your coffee table to be a central hub of interconnected, internet-driven, multi-touch-center-of-attention for your living room a few years ago.

Well it looks like they kept the name of “Surface” which I like and had changed their focus to be more mobile and on the go, which also is a good move! (admittedly  though, I wish I could still get one for my living room – it would be great for entertainment).

If you didn’t hear yesterday, but the late last night in California, Microsoft held a press conference that was announced that morning…talk about a surprise event!

Microsoft pressed that this is a conference that is not to be missed, and boy it wasn’t one that you didn’t want to miss as it was Microsoft’s step in to the Tablet world. MS is now going to be making their own Tablet’s running their native Windows 8 OS, that is set to release later this year, but no announcement of when the Tablet will be coming out or even pricing.

Key features that has me excited for this tablet is the built-in stand, microSD card slot, ability to connect a sleek looking microsoft keyboard that fits with the tablet, and last but not least to be able to play actual fully-rendered 3D games, not a dumb-down app you get from the app store.

Looks like Apple has some more competition and as of late, even as Android is now neck-in-neck in adaption rate is even with Apple iPads as this report indicates from Online Publishers Association. With the help of the Kindle, Android devices are now becoming a larger platform and keeping toe-to-toe with the iPad. With the iPad coming in at such a step price starting of $499 at the bare minimum, it’s not surprising people are finding other alternatives and other platforms to get their tablet fixes. With the report indicating 94% of users using their tablets for to access content and information, with 67% of people using it for general web-browsing, and 66% people using it to check their mail.

It’s quick and easy, so it’s not surprising that tablet’s are really making their way into everyone’s day-to-day lives. I don’t have a tablet as of yet, but this Surface is sparking my interest and I’ll be keeping my eye on this one for sure.